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  1. Matt

    so i'm having a hard time getting my swing feel where i want it. i've been recording myself playing lines and comping and i'm always slightly ahead of the beat, not enough to sound like i'm not 'swinging', but i'm not in the pocket either.

    I'm curious how you guys think of swing feel or practice it. i find myself getting involved more with what voicings i want to come next/shape of lines and i neglect digging into the time more.

    i always loved how sonny clark played so in time, almost straight.

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  2. jorgemg1984

    Transcribe him :)

  3. Anny Mouse

    Matt, listen to people with great time as much as possible and it will help sink in more. Also, watch this..

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    As he says, way too many people are concerned about the notes they play rather than how to play those notes. How to make the notes you play feel good is much more important.

  4. fakejake

    I just jam along to records to work on my time feel. Hank Mobley is one of my favorites, hes got such a tasty swing feel. Dexter Gordon as well.
    Usually I first try to lock in with the bass player and play more or less straight 4s. Then I play along with the drums, usually just in 1 note or a simple pentatonic scale. Finally I try to emulate the feel of the soloist. I do NOT try to play the tune or follow the changes, the notes are mostly totally off pitchwise. For that part its all about rhythm for me.

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