T- Shirts!

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  1. kurtisrosenwinkel

  2. patfarlow

    I would buy one. Make it awesome though. 100% organic cotton, fair trade, the works. (No screen printed Hanes) Super high quality that lasts many years to come.

  3. washabaugh

    I think Kurt is looking for specific info on the T-shirt that they just announced earlier this month:

    I think that you guys did good to keep the price point in check while steering away from low quality shirts. Nice work. The album is great and it is a smart move to start with a design based on the album.

    I do hope that there will be other designs in the future that aren't album specific...with more color choices available.

  4. mitch_33

    Just ordered mine, will let everyone know how it is when it arrives! Love the design though.

  5. JPMike

    I got 2 just to make sure, if I lose one I will have another spare one. They fit really nice and feel good on me. Please make more designs and maybe other colours too.

  6. You could make one on inorganic cotton(?¿) , unfair trade, poorly silk screened and I'd probably still get one.

  7. mitch_33

    Kurt- I received my shirt at the beginning of the week and its awesome! It fits well, very comfortable, and looks really cool as well. Would definitely buy another shirt of a different design in the future.

  8. clebergf

    I bought mine...just waiting because I live in Brazil and takes a long time to reach here....

  9. tyrone2k

    Very nice Kurt; proud to support you with my new T. Just like the others, I would purchase more designs or any other merchandise that helps support the cause.


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