taking risks

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  1. Matt

    "I'd like to put the call out to my fellow musicians: let us all vow to put ourselves at maximum creative risk whenever possible. In this climate, what do we really have to lose? If the experience enables us to say something authentic or to be more fully present in the world, then it will have been worth it—for ourselves and for others who are listening."

    this is quoted from a vjay Iyer article at allaboutjazz.com. i'm wondering how you guys approach taking risks, or how you conceptualize it. in a modality so conducive for taking risks (improvisation), how can we free ourselves from our pre-conceived crutches and discover new sounds and ideas?

  2. I was just watching this and realizing how stiff I play....

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    When I was younger I was braver and I would take more risks---as I get older (39) i feel less brave and I don't try things and I'm really worried about mistakes when I play. It really takes the fun out of it.

    Not really sure how to get out of that so i am interested in seeing what peoples response to this thread would be.

  3. Matt

    i find myself taking more risks when i start an improvisation more motivically, with a lot of pauses and more reflection on what i just played. i'm not sure how i would describe it, perhaps like a dual awareness that separates what i'm playing from what the form/harmony is; i find, in this state, i focus less on how the notes i'm playing relate to the tune and more how the phrases relate to one another.


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