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Tapping and Sweep Picking Technique

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  1. Chris

    Does anyone have a good source (book, dvd, youtube, records, players) for learning about Tapping and/or Sweep picking? I never was able to get into it or even learn about well rounded players who use both techniques..


  2. Gesture

    Patience and a metronome..

    Some years ago Steve Vai lessons gave me a lot of insight in legato and picking technique. Guthrie Govan has some good books and vids about technique. There's an italian guy called Daniele Gottardo who has INSANE technique. Two handed tapping etc. I don't like his tunes too much but harmonically he's pretty advanced for a "shredder".

    In a Jazz context I'm not sure. Most of the time it seems that technique comes from the music and not the other way around.

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  3. smoke

    Deryl Gabel has a bunch of good material. Worth checking out.




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