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  1. balowski


    In a serch of a good satured sound( just a little distosion, not a hard ovedrive)...What do you think about the tc electronic booster??


  2. Sandemose

    I would go for Xotic Booster or perhaps BB Preamp? I tried them I loved them both, very transperant and with complex overtones.

    Best, Sandemose

  3. balowski

    which one (the AC, the BB or the RC) will you recommend?


  4. Sandemose

    balowski: it depends I guess. The BB preamp has more gain (what Ive understod) and the other ones are more of the booster kind?

    AC Booster:

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    RC Booster:

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    BB Preamp:

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    Best, Sandemose

  5. balowski

    thankx for the info and the links. by the way I read that you asked about a rosenwinkel workshop that is not in the you tube anymore.

    It´s a six piece small documentary that I´ve downloaded. Maybe you are interested in it...

    Thanx for the info.

  6. Sandemose

    balowski: I´d give my arm for that documentry. Is it from that church in Toronto perhaps? Broadcasted on Mezzo? Thanks a bunch and hope does links help!

    Best, Sandemose

  7. balowski

    It´s toronto.

    Tell me How can I send it to you. By the way...don´t worry about your arm...keep it...probably you will need it to play.;-)

  8. Check out the Hermida Zen Drive.. its mellow and very very warm, you might like it

  9. Sandemose

    Yeah, and also check out Voodoo Sparkle Drive. It has a clean blend, where you blend the clean signal with the distored, check out when Jonathan Kreisberg use it:

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    Best, Sandemose

  10. Benny

    +1 for the Voodoo Labs Sparkle Drive.

    I use either an old Boss Turbo Overdrive or a Fulltone Fulldrive 2 to put a bit of hair on the sound when I need it.

  11. hitdoggie

    Fulltone OCD!!

    Barber makes some fantastic OD and well as Menatone.

    The Xotic pedals are good too.

    Isn't there a crazy wait for the Zen drive?

  12. hitdoggie

    Addendum: The above brands are fairly affordable.

  13. 111

    I know this group knows, but maybe just worth mentioning that so much of the character of this type of pedal is so relative to the amp,guitar, and what your ear tells you works for you and your music.

    A good saturated sound and a little distortion, to me are two different things. For a good saturated sound, for me the hard work has to come from the amp unless you are looking for fuzz. If I am playing my PRS through my boogie, I'll saturate it by opening up the volume, driving the amp, and kicking in a Boss EQ or a boost, the typical rock thing. I also have a Soldano GTO (way over priced noisy thing, but a great sound at the right time).

    If I'm using my Moll archtop and need to add some grit to it without combusting, the Sparkle Drive is great. The clean blend is a great feature. You get a good level of control.

    My rat works best if I am playing a 175 or 335 into the clean channel and just dial it in enough to get some dirt on the sound and stepping on the pedal, not playing the whole time with that sound. Not so great with chords, great to for single notes.

    In any event, I've never found one that works for all things without a bit of compromise. I gotta plan out what the situation calls for. Ultimately any pedal I've ever used impacts the pure tome of my guitar, the amp doesn't. I spent way too much on gear to learn this. It was always about trying to control it from the floor. Once I found that great tone in the amp it pulled everything in focus and the pedal seemed to work better because I wasn't asking so much of them. It's all relative and personal.

    Not that this directly answered your question, but maybe bring your rig in to the music store if possible and try some stuff out.

    Sorry if the sounds like a lecture, I had a couple minutes and I just wanted to try and help. Good luck in your search!!!!!


  14. Sandemose

    111: I dont think anyone mind if you give a "lecture". People are at different levels here (Im a total n00b when it comes to gear and such stuff...quite hopeless acctually) so I learn alot from reading posts like yours. Its very nice. You know 111: if someone have alot of knowledge about this they will hopefully not experience your post as adressed specifically to them. Im drawn to it because I want to learn. Thats they way it should be. You dont have to excuse yourself for sharing ;)



  15. InWalked

    I use a Boss BD-1 with the Keeley mod and am happy with the array of tones. I can get a subtle boost or very gritty from it when I use it with my Novaxes. Yeah I know Boss is pretty generic but the Keeley mod makes it shine big time.

  16. filters

    Hi !
    I unearth this thread cause I'm looking for advices. I'd like what type of distortion you'd recommend for achieving the sound of Kurt with the brian blade fellowship (season of change). I think there's a bit of delay as well. I've tried several pedals but it seems that I get an aggressive sound that's SO far away from what Kurt's doing.
    I think it's a matter of setting the right way too..

    Also I'm interested in that toronto workshop ....

    btw : check this Gilad clip: he's got a great sound too...

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    despite the issues with sound, he did an awesome job.

  17. andyjazz

    filters, the closest thing I've found is the Willard Reinhart Rat Clone, unless you can find an 80s rat.

  18. Pascau

    I'm using a Lovepedal Eternity Fuse for that, set on really low drive. Sounds great! My amp (Acoustic Image Corus 400w) tends to sound kind of sterile, so I always have this pedal on in front of it, which helps make things sound more alive.

    I would also check out the Lovepedal Kalamazoo, video demo here:

    Great sounding pedals. Both can go low enough gain to work basically as a clean boost.

  19. Hi there!
    I was wondering about that documentary balowski and sandemose were talking about like 8 months ago... Is the footages still arround? Any chance to download it from some place?
    Greetings, Lupo

  20. Sandemose


    [+] Embed the video | Video DownloadGet the Video Plugins

    it could be from this "documentry", but Im not sure.

    Best, Sandemose

  21. denjz

    I have a Sparkle Drive and a BB preamp,both are great pedals : sparkle drive is essentialy a tube screamer ts-808 with a knob that allows to blend in the clean signal,which is a great feature as it leaves all the nuances of your playing preamp is voiced more like a distortion that you'd get from a marshall amp,much more compressed singing sound.The trade-off here is that as you add more gain your sound becomes more generic because of the compression...BTW RAT acts the same way,that's why most people (not Kurt) use it with very little gain,just to give your tone a bit more presence.

  22. balowski


    I´m afraid that is not the documentary Sandmose.

    It´s a workshop.

    But I don´t know If Wowmusic aprove the upload.

    BTW I bought A Sparkle drive. And I have a problem. It only "gives me" distorsion if I turn up the volume of the pedal at very High levels. I mean, I have two diferent volumes. The amp And the pedal...

    Any advice?

  23. Sandemose

    balowski: I dont think ACT wouldnt mind, but probably the owner of the documentry will if you post it. You call the shots ACT? Would it be alright to share it?

    Balowski: have you posted anything on the "members playing" thread?

    Best, Sandemose

  24. Wow! An upload of that workshop would be awe-some!!!!

  25. balowski


    Sorry but I don´t understand what means ACT...Stands for something?

    The documentry was uploaded to youtube, but just for a few days. I thoght it was interesting so I downloaded inmidiatly.

    And,no, I have never posted anything on the members playing.Should I?. There´s a few videos of my band on youtube....


  26. denjz

    @balowski : sparkle drive shouldn't act like should give you any amount of gain you want at any volume setting...seems like there's a problem with your pedal...the only thing i can think of is : if the clean knob is all the way up there shouldn't be any drive at all,this way it acts like a clean boost...

  27. Sandemose

    Bakolowski: Sorry for that. ACT = Anders Chan Tideman (did I get the spelling right?) = wommusic. Wommusic had ACTideman as forum alias at the old forum. I guess I use that name just for being nostalgic I guess.

    Also, Id love to hear you play, Id def. check your band out :)

    Best regards, Sandemose

  28. balowski


    Sandmose...I´ll can send to you the workshop trought P2P program. Do you Know Soulseek?

    I think that´s the best solution.


  29. Sandemose

    balowski: I never understood how Soulseek works, can you hook me up in Skype?

    name: Sandemose

    Best, S

  30. Sandemose: If you, recieved the file, maybe you could forward it to me? My Skype name: lupo_1981
    We could pass this on one to another, without one person having too much work...
    Thanks a lot, cheers!

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