T.C Nova Reverb + Reverb & Delay question?

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  1. jazzacast55

    Hey guys,

    I'm guessing a few of you own one of these pedals, I'm just wondering if anyone else finds that the reverb level is far to loud, I have to have the mix level just past the 1st mark to make it sound good, if I go any further with it it becomes way to much and very unusable.
    Has anyone else found this? or am I not using it properly?
    I've only managed to find a couple of good sounds kinda Hekselman/Rosenwinkel vibe.
    I've ran it in the effects loop and in line
    I'm thinking about getting one of the electro Harmonix as I'm finding this to be to much.


    I'm running my nova delay into the nova reverb (going for a Kriesberg kinda sound) and it's sounding pretty muddy anyone else found a good way of running delay and reverb at the same time?


  2. Poparad

    I just run delay completely in place of reverb. The two together can very easily become too much unless you have just the right settings.

  3. JorgeRubiales

    As poparad said, you have to be careful matching delay and reverb, because, in essence, they're both the same effect (with different times and reflections, but essentially the same).

  4. jorgemg1984

    I had the same problem some months ago and everyone said you cant use delay and reverb at the same time and I knew that wasnt true - Kurt usesit , Kresiberg, Metheny, Frisell, etc... they all use it.

    The first thing is to have the delay first and then the reverb, not the other way around. Set first the reverb and dont put too much, reverb is like sault in the food, you need it but not too much. I dont know about the Nova Reverb, I use the Hardwire RV 7, its great, but I never put the level above 10h (Hall setting).

    Then set your delay. I guess the mistake most people do is to put the delay time really short - and then it becomes a reverb, thats why its muddy, you are basically running two reverbs. If you hear Kreisberg or Kurt they dont use the delay really short (but not really long also) - but you must put the level really low so it doesnt affect your lines. I guess delay around 300ms / 400 ms, a lot of feedback (but not too much) and the level really low is the trick.

    Dont go for the Ehx, I never tried your pedals but the TC things are great (I use the Nova Repeater with the RV7), I am sure buying another pedal wont solve your problem - Kurt used the Nova Reverb and the Nova Delay in the past and Kreisber used a DD-3 and a Nanoverb which are not the best pedals in the world and he gets brilliant sounds with it.

    Oh and I am sure someone will tell you to buy a Lehle mixer, it helps to clean your sound (I use one) but it has nothing to do with your problem, I can run my delay and my reverb together without the Lehle just fine.


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