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    Hi all,

    I just read this interview of Charlie Banacos : http://forums.allaboutjazz.com/showthread.php?t=45528 (the link redirects you on Facebook - even if you don't have a Facebook you can read it - and there are 5 pages).
    Charlie Banacos was a great teacher, I had a teacher once who was a student of Charlie and he told me that he had to wait 2 years just to start the first lesson... The waiting list was like 2-4 years, something like that.

    Anyway, that wasn't my point. I wonder if you know some teachers in NYC who has this kind of talent for teaching and who can help you a lot in just one lesson... It can be a guitarplayer or anyone who teaches jazz.

    Anyone has this kind of experience (a la Banacos) and could give me a name or two?
    In a nutshell my question is : Who are the greatest teachers in NYC right now ?

    Of course, this could be viewed as a really lame way of approaching music. There's no shortcut but teachers have definitely helped me a lot even if I consider myself self-taught since all the major improvements I did were because I understood the information and APPLIED it.

  2. Matt

    i've never taken lessons from greats in NYC, but I know Lage Lund, Mike Moreno, and Ben Monder give lessons, or have. I'm sure any great players give some lessons.

    Wayne Krantz studied with Chris, so maybe he would be best if you really want that experience.

  3. jbroad

    i studied with charlie for a year and a half via correspondence and he really opened my ears up. vic juris studied with charlie for a long time so i would recommend hooking up with him for some lessons.

  4. Poparad

    I thought Charlie passed away a few months ago?

    Edit: Oh, nevermind. You meant hook up with Vic, not Charlie.

  5. Vic Juris. He's THE MAN.

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    Thx for the advice about Vic Juris.

    Matt : well, being a great player doesn't mean being a great teacher. You know what I mean. I don't know if Lage Lund or Ben Monder are great teachers. Do know people who has taken a lesson with Lage ? Because I'm obviously interested.
    I was just looking for people who are relatively unknown as players (like Banacos was, because he didn't record anything - I guess) but who are dedicated to the art of teaching - like Banacos again. Banacos explains this so well in the aforementioned interview : he just loved teaching and he had a kind of "natural ability" to do it. In this interview, Banacos relates a story about Bill Evans. Bill said that he wasn't a good teacher because he didn't have the ability or talent to explain in a step-by-step fashion but rather tried to explain everything in one hour. Therefore Bill didn't even try to be a teacher (well... maybe he was busy gigging too but that's another story).

  7. Matt

    I don't know how good Lage's lessons are - and i see completely your point about players teaching.

    However, a teacher like Chris might be an extremely rare thing.

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    Matt : Chris ?

  9. Timbo

    A friend studied with Adam Rogers and said it was a great experience as far as a one-time lesson goes. Said they talked a lot about the philosophy of practicing and improvising, and discussed what he should be practicing for the next couple of years. Not sure he's the kind of teacher I'd want to study regularly with, but I would love to sit down with him once and ask him how he got from where I am to where he is.

    Also, I know Kreisberg offers lessons to high-level players if you email him at his website. No idea what he's like as a teacher, though.

  10. Matt

    Sorry, I meant Charlie.

    I'd say take lessons with someone you admire. In the end, sometimes just talking to them can be extremely inspirational.

  11. Timbo

    "I'd say take lessons with someone you admire."
    Seconded. They were all once at the same level you were. I think I learned more [about the philosophy of improvising and practicing, and what my mindset should be] from talking to Scofield after a show than from my regular teacher.


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