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  1. jazznan

    There's a good deal on a 60th Anniv. Telecaster Flametop andI'm thinking of buying it as I can only afford one guitar and I want something versatile-I also like how they feel. I mostly play am I wasting my
    Money or what? Any opinions about potential problems? Just looking for input....

    I should add, that I have about $2000 to spend on a guitar, what do you suggest?

  2. Check out this video on YouTube:

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  3. washabaugh

    I picked up my (used) Benedetto Bambino for USD $1700 and haven't even thought about other guitars ever since.

    IMHO, you're spending extra money to purchase a Fender...why not look into a G&'ll get much more bang for your buck. Bottom line is that you just need something that feels comfortable and inspires you. You can play jazz on anything...


  4. I posted the link in the hopes of addressing the concern as to whether a telecaster would be at odds with at you mainly play jazz.
    Washabaugh brings up a great point about paying for the name.
    Not to add confusion, but here I go again plugging e guitar I have been very happy with and have also not looked back.

  5. Poparad

    +1 for the Carvin HF2! That's what I play on, too. It's a versatile (and really well playing) guitar. With the coil tap, you can get very Tele-like sounds out of it. The Fender scale makes it spank a bit like a Strat, but you can roll back the tone and get a warm jazz sound (a la Ed Bickert). I modded mine to have a 250k tone pot as I liked the way it darkens up more than the stock 500k pot, but that's just me. Plus it's a hollowbody, so you get that element in the sound as well.

  6. Poparad

    Also, if you get the "Synth Acess" version (even if you don't do the Roland GR thing), the hex pickup is a Graphtech Ghost piezo pickup in the bridge, so you can get really nice piezo acoustic tones with its own 1/4" output.

  7. Bluewaterpig

    If you play mostly jazz, I think you'll regret buying a telecaster down the line. If you're someone who plays jazz but also plays other styles once in a while, why not buy a guitar that's meant for jazz but can also cover other styles? While a Tele can sound great for jazz settings, I personally can't get used to playing jazz styles on a solid body guitar. It just hinders my playing. If I were you, I'd o for a 335 type of guitar. It's just as versatile as a Tele in most ways. There are a lot of jazz guitar brands that make 335 types, like Eastman and their thinline models. I think a thinline semi hollow guitar is exactly what you're looking for.

  8. I stayed with the original carvin holdsworth pickups, but I did add an mxr 6 band eq near the end of my chain. I'm playing it though a fender jazzmaster ultralight

  9. Sandemose

    I play a Telecaster Thinline with rosewood neck. It sounds brutal, even more acoustic than my Höfner I think. I get alot of string with the single coil pick up and I boost the signal with a MXR EQ to get more of a humbucker sound. Its a Squire by the way with the neck changed to a Hosco neck, and I use .13s to 52 strings (D´Adario).

    Best, Sandemose

  10. jazznan

    Thanks for the feedback all....Sademose, by "brutal" do you mean good, as in not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning good, ala Run DMC?

  11. jazznan

    I'm looking at an Eastman t186, anybody have one? I really like ebony fingerboards

  12. docbop

    Tele's are great always had one even when main guitar was something else. IMO $2000 for a tele is too much the MIM teles are very good and can be found for good prices. Even the Squire Vintage Vibe guitar are good guitar for great price. I like the Road Worn series of Teles just have to watch the weight some of them are on the heavy side.

  13. jazznan

    Just played a American Tele Deluxe through an Acoustic Image amp, and I was very impressed with the tone....

  14. lucapusch

    try the schottmüller television... they´re amazing!

  15. jazznan

    those look great, how do you get them, special order only? do you know of any price lists?

  16. Petertje

    Telecaster and jazz?! Yes! Check this out:

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  17. adamv

    I love tele's and have one too and I mostly play jazz. Bill Frisell plays one all the time too, as well as Mike Stern and Ed Bickert. I say go for the tele if that's what you want. I got a semi hollow Ibanez as73 too which i play mostly and do like hollow body type guitars too. I think it doesn't matter play what you like and feels good and sounds good to you. I play all types of music on all of my guitars. i don't necessarily pick a guitar for a certain genre, even though some people say certain guitars are better for this or that. i just pick one of my guitars I feel like playing for the day and play. The tele is an awesome guitar and you can get a pretty good standard "Jazz Tone" off the neck pickup too. I love the way they feel. They play so easily, unlike some hollow body guitars. Ted Greene also killed it on a Tele and his solo album sounds great. Even though I'm not sure if he played a Tele on that album. I'm sure he probably did though. Just go with what feels right. Good like on your hunt!

  18. lucapusch

    I recommend you to simply contact Stefan, he´s a great guy!

  19. TruthHertz

    I spent some time putting together a Warmouth tele chambered body with an ebony fingerboard, Duncan alnico humbuckers (tele sized) and it is one of the most inspiring vibes, sounds, ranges and voices I've ever played. For me. Yeah, everyone will have an opinion, you'll know what you need. The DIY route allowed for a body that does what a solid body doesn't: get that woody acoustic sound that comes naturally to a jazz guitar. The pickups combined with that lets you get sustain, warmth, edge and a really balanced round-ness to solo and chording. And it's light. And the body feels invisible (you can get a contoured contour) and you can get it for well within your price range... if you want to do it yourself. A very satisfying project anyone can do, by the way.
    Just an option that's not on most peoples' radar...


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