Tendonitis, and other injuries

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  1. Hey everyone,

    I'm struggling with tendonitis in my left forearm. I've talked to a few other players who either have tendonitis, and manage it, so its not too painful too play, and some players who have been able to get rid of it completely.

    I was wondering, does Kurt, or any other top class players, suffer from tendonitis, or any other playing related injuries? If so, how do they cope with them? Or have they had them in the past and been able to cure them? It would great to hear about this, maybe it would give hope to those of us with injuries!

    Also, It'd be great to hear about any of the forum users' experiences with tendonitis, or other injuries, and how they overcome, or manage them!


  2. docbop

    I just hope your seeing a doctor so you don't make things worse. in music school they had a guitar playing doctor talk to us about working out a playing position and various warmup exercises. i have seen books by doctors for musicians on taking care of your hands and body. If you can't find a doctor who understands musicians issues, you can usually find a sports medicine doctor they deal with similar issues.

  3. add4

    On friend pianist and saxophonist, had this kind of problem to both arms.
    He would never really stop playing, always playing at least a few mins of piano everyday, taking back his saxophone as soon as it got better.
    He finally struggled with it for 2 years or more, seeing doctors and being in pain all the time until they finally forced him to rest. He had to stop playing for a few (6 or 8 i think) months and it finally got better.

    Now he can play regularly.

    I had a tendinisis from work, using computer all day long. and i rested a lot and it finally stopped. I didn't had any problem since it got better.

    So i'd really advice resting completely before it gets really bad. put your playing aside for a time, put on something to imobilise your hand or whatever stimulates the pain, and wait.

    Good luck!

  4. Quintricacy

    Stop playing immediately! If you detect it quick enough, stop playing and do the right excercises your recovery time will be a lot faster than if you play through the pain. I definitely recommend going to see a physiotherapist over a doctor as they will give you excercises to strengthen the muscles and tendons in your forearm etc.

    Luckily I've never had tendonitis but I've always been kept myself aware as my sister had it and it meant she had to give up music all together, although her case is quite rare. I've had a trapped nerve in my neck which traveled down through my forearm and felt like someone was constantly squeezing my wrist. I immediately stopped playing and got physiotherapy, I followed all the excercises that were given to me and within 3 weeks I was 80% recovered and made a full recovery 2 weeks later. It comes back every now and again and I've found accupuncture to be very beneficial too!

  5. Thanks for all the advice.

    I have been seeing specialists, and I'm getting good advice and treatment.

    It's not easy to stop though - at the moment I'm studying Jazz in college, so it's a busy time for playing. I'm cutting back on practising, and trying to practise away from the guitar with ear training etc.

    I've had acupuncture, I found that helpful!

  6. egav

    I heard somewhere that Yngwie Malmsteen has to get cortizone shots every once in a while before some gigs before he can play. Not sure though.

  7. add4

    i'm sorry to by pushy on this, but cutting back is not enough, stopping is mandatory.
    Yuu've got 2 arms and you need both of them, not only for guitar, but for holding a baby while you do other things (sounds a lot like my life currently .. ) or do everything else that's not related to music :p
    The more rest you get, the faster you'll be able to start again.
    And identify what caused this at first might be interesting too. i got a tendinisis on my left (fretting hand) arm because of a guitar i had that sounded great with a super super high action.. i finally got rid of it and got better in 2 weeks.

  8. patfarlow

    yoga / exercise

  9. kley2004

    I've struggled with pain in both arms for 2 years. It got to the point where I was not only unable to play my guitar, but also do any other task that required repetitive motion from my hands (like typing on a keyboard or sorting out a large pile of papers).

    I went to see many doctors, therapists, went through tons of reading material on the internet. I was sent to do a bunch of tests and check ups, did yoga for 8 months. I also did not touch my instrument for 4 months - non of this helped.

    It got to the point where I started thinking I will not be able to play guitar ever again, until I found a really good and professional therapist, who had previous experience with a lot of musicians.

    Within a month (and a lot of hard work) my hands got significantly better and I was back to playing again.

    What's important to understand here is that every problem is different.

    Tendinitis is a broad term. You have to really diagnose YOUR problem!! And to do that you need somebody who's no stranger to musicians and musicians injuries.

    Hope this helps.

  10. sza

    I'm just recovering from a tendonitis in my right forearm, a problem in my Supinator Tunnel.

    I was not playing for 4 month, doing some physical therapy, but the only thing did really cure it, is: Kinezio Tape.
    This is the same tape that you've seen athletes apply on their limbs or shoulders. The physical therapist showed me how to apply it on my forearm, and I've been using it for the past month and it actually cure my problem. Check it out.

  11. Thanks for all the advice.

    I've found a guy who deals with musicians health near to me, so I'm going to go to him for some help.

    I'm also going to experiment with a lighter guage of string (I use 12s), and I've been getting Alexander Technique lessons to adjust my technique. I would recommend these to anyone, as It was great to see all the weird habits I've developed!


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