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Thank You Kurt.

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  1. jazzbum

    Just wanted to share this - I'm sure some of you guys can relate.

    About 7 or 8 years ago I went to a record store, looking for something new. I was kind of burnt out on guitar, and jazz in general.
    I looked around and saw two records by Kurt Rosenwinkel, who I had only heard of in passing. I bought them both - Deep Song and Enemies of Energy. I had no idea what to expect, up to that point I had been pretty much a jazz guitar "purist," favoring a certain kind of tone etc.

    I listened to Deep Song first, as I could recognize two standards. I ended up listening to the Cross and Gesture (Lester) over and over again for days.

    When I first put on Enemies of Energy, it was autumn, my favorite season, the two things are now forever linked in my mind. The leaves were changing, and I remember walking around listening to that album over and over. It was the first time I had listened to an album by a guitarist and cried. I was fixated on Dream of the Old, among other songs.

    Ever since, I have followed Kurt's music, and his growth as an artist. It has been a profound experience.

    Through his music, he has inspired me to be a better musician. I never felt like I wanted to sound just like him, but rather, each new recording I heard, made me want to make music that was as powerful as his, on my own terms.

    So forgive me for being sentimental, but as I turn 30 today, I have been reflecting on some amazing things, and discovering Kurt Rosenwinkel has definitely been one of those. I'm proud to have a picture with him from a Denver show in 2007 to remind me.

    Thank you Kurt.

  2. wommusic
    Key Master

    Happy Birthday Jazzbum - and thank you for your beautiful words and sentiments!

  3. Gesture

    I'd like to second that.

    For the last 2 years Kurt has been my biggest musical inspiration along with Pat Metheny.
    The next step was the first thing i heard him play and immediately i knew he was something special.
    This summer i'm finally going to see him live!

    Thanks kurt!

  4. rickh

    Great story. I enjoyed walking around listening to Enemies too. The first time I listened to that album I was in bed falling asleep and it was surreal!


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