The Aaron Parks Factor

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  1. jazznan

    I thought the best and most ground breaking jazz album to come along recently, in terms of compositions, bridging the gap between current popular music and jazz in a way that no one has been able to do with as many catch tunes, is Aaron Park's album "Invisible Cinema".

    Well, my thoughts were just confirmed when I listened to Taylor Eigsti's new album, "Daylight at Midnight", talk about "made in the same image" wow!

    Way to go Aaron, and way to go Kurt for having him in your band, talk about a Miles Davis choice!

    In terms of improvisation on these albums, I can see the line from Keith Jarrett's work with the American Quartet through to Brad M., I'm just talking compositions and overall soundscape and singable melodies that are based in current popular music and harmonies that match.

  2. andyjazz

    I'm just listening to Anders Christensen's "Dear Someone." Great great playing on that one!!!

  3. Vilibald

    Very true about Invisible Cinema. Aaron Parks with Mike Moreno - Between the Lines: great stuff too, even though it is more jazzy...


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