The Cloister

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  1. gypscoun

    Hey there,
    I've been wondering about this most beautiful composition..
    I just love it, i've been listening to this piece for the last 4 years repeatedly, but i just unable to unlock
    the logic behind it. the harmony and melody seems to float "radomly" (to me). i guess it's what make this tune so interesting to my ears.

    could someone please try and shed some light on it? preferably Kurt ;)

    and by the way, wish it would've been played more on live performances


  2. goshawk

    One of my favorites especially the outro where Redman is chasing Kurt's lines or visa-versa. Having Mehldau on there is a bonus. Very unusual song though as you said. I cannot even find evidence of it's having been played live though I'm not as knowledgeable as many
    of the folks are here.

    Magical rainbow ponies


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