The life and growth of a Musician - question directed to Kurt and everyone

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  1. Basile865

    The concept of growing to a certain high level of musicianship, virtuosity; "genius" is a path I'm trying to understand greater.

    Part of the beauty of this is the fact that theres no "secret" in a certain light. You literally just have to listen, focus, and practice - rinse and repeat. A friend told me about a John Scofield interview in which he said something to the extent of "anybody can be a virtuoso if they put in 10,000 hours." I believe it.

    But what I also want to touch on is the spiritual side of guys know how you can have a night where "the cosmos align" and everything is mind blowing, your hair stands on end. etc etc. Then we have the nights where we just can't get it together.

    My guess is that the people that really know themselves and have a healthy mindset can tap into the zone, or sweet spot, whatever you want to call it and have the "cosmos aligning" effect more often then the average musician.

    The question directed to Kurt and everyone else is how do you get to that place? A thought I had was just leading an enriched life outside of music itself - which seems to make the practice sessions more fruitful for myself. I'm trying to understand the most effective way to grow and I think we, as musicians, are constantly trying this.

    I'm open to anything including religion/spirituality comments; I know some forums have rules to keep away from religion and politics as it usually leads to online battles haha, but I think we're all coming from pretty similar places being that we're on Kurt's forum and on the quest to bettering ourselves musically, striving to reach levels of people like Kurt himself.

    If you do read this Kurt - on a side note - I'm working to get you down to the south east man - I'm in NC and have talked with your management about trying to get something together - I know theres less of a market down here for modern jazz. But its my hope just to have a conversation with you in person one day man. Anyhow thats all for now - I'm excited to see the responses. Thanks everyone.


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  2. david6strings

    one beautiful thing a friend of mine said once is: you reach the goal for a musician the first day you get the instrument.
    so for everybody who once wanted to be pat metheny, as i did, is a good sentece in order to discovery what is fake and what is true when we think about walking the whole life path of being a musician.

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