The Matthias Lupri Albums

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  1. Brendan

    They put me in a great state of mind....
    have for years....

    i actually reached matthias on myspace and he said he met kurt at the north sea jazz fest...[if this is true i will have the peace of mind to know there arent matthias impersonators in the world]

    anyways the songs that really capture me are "song of change" and "jade" ....

    i think this album really presents kurts ability to use the lapel mic vocalizations to balance the chords he plays...(in jade)

    the sound achieved by the drummer on this album is also notable....i love the soft yet poignant percussion...

  2. Redbeard

    Brendan, I completely agree. I picked this CD up several months ago and have found it highly repeatable.

    I have several "volumes" now of Kurt's guest artist work. What's amazing me to me is how cohesive they all sound ... like the work of a single vision, not random compilations of various artists (which, of course, they are). Give yourself a treat and track down Daniel Szabo's "Frictions" CD sometime. Kurt's contribution to the title track will send shivers up your spine.

  3. Quintricacy

    I transcribed Kurt's solo on Vertigo from Frictions 2 years ago. It definitely opened a whole new world to me in terms of legato stuff and arpeggios.

  4. nateroberts

    I just picked up Same Time Twice about a week or 2 ago. Good stuff! I have to admit at times I feel like the instrumentation does weird things to the energy. Maybe it's just because I'm used to hearing Kurt's normal types of groups, and vibes are such a radically different vibe. Though I guess in a sense, this is the MOST classic Kurt sound, since he came up playing with Gary out of college.

    Either way - a great album with an incredible rhythm section and some great playing on some interesting tunes.

    - nate

  5. Brendan

    Ive heard that Szabo album, its dooope.

    As far as Lupri albums go I really like Metalix, Seems like more of a straight ahead album than Same Time Twice....

    Same Time Twice is siiick though.... Song Of Change has amazing soul in its chording, on this track @ 00:30 ~ 00:31 kurts playing hits the spot for me.... also "You Just Never Know" pulls at my wee little heart strings.....the dissonance of some of the notes in combination with the vibes send chills/tears for sure....

    Oddly enough the Lupri albums were some of the first records that introduced me to Kurt Rosenwinkel....ever since nothing really has compared....

    Its kind of like hearing the first CDs ever given to me: TLC's "Crazy Sexy Cool", Will Smiths "Big Willy Style" and of course The White Album...

    nothing seemed the same afterward....


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