The Next Step transcription

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  1. Pascau

    Hey all,

    I just finished transcribing Kurt's solo on The Next Step off of Deep Song a little while ago. Does anyone know a good website I could upload the pdf to for others to download (assuming thats cool)?

  2. cruxtable

    lets you upload and share links for download. for free.

    wouldn't mind checking out that transcription!

    Contact us
  3. Pascau

    There it is. Let me know if you find mistakes/have better ways of notating things etc.

    edit: fixed the link

  4. cruxtable

    looks pretty good, i'll have to try playing later.

    the only comment i have just from reading it along with the music:

    even though the chord progression repeats, it's best to rewrite the chord progression so you can easily compare the chords with the notes he's playing instead of having to memorize, or check back the chords, count the number of bars to see which ending you're on, etc. usually the easiest way to do that is to write out the chords first and copy/past them over and over and then input the notes. but it's not a huge deal.

  5. riverstooge

    Thanks for posting this man, looking forward to trying it!

  6. Pascau

    Good point about the chords. I guess I didn't notice because I'd listened to it so many times transcribing it lol. My bad, I'll try fix that in the next day or two.

    Also, no problem!

  7. Gezz

    Hi Pascau,

    If you like you can post your transcription at , a Dutch jazz e-zine

    For scores and transcriptions, follow the direct link:

    As you can see there are already some Kurt Rosenwinkel transcriptions posted.

    (Please send your transcription(s) to the email adress on top of 'scores and transcriptions' page.)


  8. Pascau

    Gezz: I just emailed it to that site. Sorry about taking so long, I forgot to check this thread again.

  9. Gezz

    Pascau, thanks for posting your solotranscription of The Next Step. I've just added it to the 'transcriptions and scores' site:

    For everyone; check also other transcriptions of Kurt, and more musicians. Free for download.

  10. Gezz

    ATTENTION: the site with scores and transcription has been moved to a new link:

    Transcriptions of Kurt, and more musicians. Free for download


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