Thesaurus of scales and melodic patterns?

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  1. Kles

    Hi guys! I recently got the book thesaurus of scales and melodic patterns. I've been studying jazz guitar for four years now (full time) and i figured it's time to give this book a shot... Heard that coltrane used it a lot. Has anyone of you guys used it? What approach should one have?

    my best

  2. JorgeRubiales

    Well, I don't really see the point with that book other than being a list of sequences. Its so open that there's hardly any instructions to give.

    It's like taking a book with evey possible combination of chords over a 12-bar blues. It's just a giant list, what you do with it it's a matter of what you want to use it for.

    I know, kind of zen...

  3. In some other thread this was discussed. It is a highly useful book. It is not a bebop manual . Coltrane, lateef, mclaughlin, and holdsworth to name a few have spent time with this material. The bulk of it is a seemingly inexhaustible font of possibilities showcasing utility of the tritone.
    I guess for jazz purposes, we can apply these ideas over the V chord ( at least ), right?again, it's not a manual for jazz. It is not a collection of licks. It feels like a tritone grammar book; with four basic types of prepositions ( that can be used sometimes together) . I like this line of thinking because it forces you to deal with structural elements vs. Being told how to sound legit. The raw data and cut and dryness is ( I believe ) what people find off putting. sure, it's a bunch of the van eps books. In an interview Kurt referred to the harmonic mechanisms series as phonebooks.... In a superlative sense .just go through the first 100+ lines and put a star next to the ones you dig and mess around.



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