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  1. goshawk

    I just wanted to say that this is the most interesting, no bullshit, thought provoking and considerate forum I have ever encountered.
    The topics and responses are always pertinent, people take the time to respond and it really seems to have a great number of like minded
    people with their own style and personalities. The fact that Kurt is an active participant doesn't hurt either.

  2. guitar1025

    Yeah man!!

    It's amazing the amount of "new" stuff I've come across just from reading posts on here (players, concepts, etc).

    It's been great!

  3. contremisart

    I agree with you too. Another forum I check regularly is the Pat Martino's board on "allaboutjazz". There's a load of answers/thoughts from Pat on a lot of subjects written very delicately.

  4. Sandemose

    I love this forum and have been around reading and writing since 2005 or so. Great of you to bring this up once in a while.

    Thanks Kurt, Anders and Nuno (anyone else that should be mentioned?) for doing this, and thanks to all people writing here making this forum to what it is.

    Best, Sandemose



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