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  1. gleepglop

  2. silverwater

    Those are some ridiculous memorization skills...I struggle with memorizing solos i've transcribed, anyone else have that problem?

  3. JorgeRubiales

    I have it, not only solos but complete classical pieces and just everydays things in general lol

    The thing to memorize music is to be aware of the form first. Then you try to divide it in phrases (if possible, with the same number of bars) and semi-phrases.

    Then the trick is to play slowly the first bar until it's memorized, then play the second the same way, and then play them together (remember, slowly). When you reach the end, take the first semi-phrase and increase the tempo a little... you get the idea

  4. themawt71

    if you sing what you play that will also help to remember solos etc...

    singing seems to help with a lot of things

  5. david6strings

    for me the key to remember is to transcribe by analysing it. phrase by phrase. i'm able to memorize it but i´ll never make mine those phrases.


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