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  1. 111

    I hope all is well out there. It's been a while since I've posted, but i got a two tickets to the upcoming buffalo show that I'd be happy to donate, first to Sandemose : ), and if he can't go then to anyone on this forum. I can't go due to last minute work sh#. mutha...effer.
    I bought the tickets months ago and had the whole weekend planned with a trip to Toronto to see the show Saturday.

    It's killin' me but it would make me happy to give(free) the tickets to someone into the music who can't afford to go or who needs a little nudge like free tickets to put some effort into getting there.

    Funny thing is that the day I found this website (the other one was down...) was the day AFTER Kurt played down the road from me. It was not funny at all : ) The buffalo trip is a 10 hour drive I was happy to make...see Kurt and the Falls..oh well... anyone on this forum can understand the disappointment. I am sure I will see him live one day.

    If I can't give the tickets away on this forum, I'll send 'em back to the art gallery hosting the event and asked them to give them to the first two people buying tickets the day of the has nothing to do with this.


  2. nateroberts

    I would actually really love to see this show. I will be on spring break that weekend from school and I will be home in NY about 1.5 hours away from Buffalo, and it would be incredible to see Kurt! I hesitate to ask for your tickets though because I was privileged enough to see Kurt once before last fall in Chicago, and if there is anyone who has not seen him before that could have this opportunity I would love for them to do see. Seeing Kurt live is a life-changing experience.

    That said, if no one else jumps at the opportunity I certainly will!!!! I'm SO sorry you have to miss this show though - Kurt is a real inspiration.

    - nate

  3. nateroberts

    Actually - it turns out I won't be going home over spring break, because I have a gig that weekend that I had forgotten about. :(

    Someone should definitely take him up on this though.

    - nate


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