Tim Miller Berklee

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  1. mackan

  2. guitar1025

    Hey Mackan,

    I studied a couple of semesters with Tim when I was in school. Tim is great! He stresses transcribing in his lessons. He also talks a lot about triads and hexatonics.

    It's been about 5 years since my last lesson with him so I don't remember a whole lot.

  3. guitar

    I studied with Tim at Berklee. The best guitar teacher I have ever had. Really nice, humble, but at the same time very intense with his playing and teaching. He had me composing etudes to try to develop my own approach to hearing lines. He also talked about developing a touch on the instrument extensively. He also got into fundamentals a lot with me, triads etc. We played duets a lot too. Really amazing to witness such a unique approach up close.


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