Tim Miller's School?

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  1. jazznan

    I was interested in joining Tim's site and current reviews, experiences or updates about the site please? Thanks

  2. http://imap.thegearpage.net/board/showthread.php?t=1162142

    This was just one of the first hits if you google ' Tim miller lessons review '.

  3. smoke

    I joined when it first started, got busy with life/music and dropped it, and just re-joined last month. The site is really amazing honestly. It is cool to see how much it has grown in terms of content.

    He is pretty much telling you how he does what he does so if you like his approach, you will love it. The lessons are short but could be enough material for years. The sound and video quality is excellent and most lessons have pdf's. He adds a few lessons a week, usually around Sunday of each week.

    I personally like the 'vocabulary' and etude lessons because it gives me something immediate and concrete to shed and apply to my playing. Some of the big topics are easy to understand but will require a shitload of work to get down - such as his approach to hybrid picking and certain ways he organizes apreggios.

    He is also very responsive on the forum, although there is little activity there. He usually responds to post within a day and is usually quite thorough. I hope that community of players becomes more active on the forum.

    My opinion is that he is the only teacher of online courses providing modern improv material for intermediate to advanced players. He has a very calm way of presenting the info and is good at explaining things. Honestly, his approach is pretty easy to understand but it is vast in application.

    It is pretty affordable considering the type of access you are getting. A private lesson would likely be >$75 and you would probably cover the same type of material.

    My only complaint is that I would love to have audio only versions that I could take along and listen while I work, drive, etc. Plus it would let me transcribe some of the improv via the various transcribing apps. Some of the lessons are large video files so they choke down on my iphone, for example. First world problems, but it is the truth. Audio only would solve that problem.

    Do you have specific questions? I'm happy to give my perspective.

  4. smoke

    I thought of one other thing to add.

    The format of the site, essentially 2-3 lessons/week, can get a little overwhelming. There is a lot of stuff to check out. I have to stay pretty focused on the stuff I really like and really want to get into my playing or I feel like I am just spinning my wheels, jumping from this to that and not getting any of it.

    As an example, you could probably work pretty consistently for a couple of months just taking one of his 'licks of the week' and extrapolating it out to all keys and applying the concept to all scales.

    So, keep that in mind. You might end up paying for stuff that you won't get to for a long time, if at all. I have thought of popping in and out of the site, maybe every few months, but I haven't made that decision. It is still really affordable which helps to watch all of that great stuff pass by and not be able to deal with it. I figure it is worth the money to keep the site running even if I am still dealing with stuff from the first few lessons.

  5. jazznan

    Just joined, and I'm impressed! See you there

  6. smoke

    Cool Jazznan. That site has some really sick stuff on it and I appreciate how much work must be involved to keep it running. Should be plenty to keep you busy!

  7. Bluewaterpig

    Are thre any sample lessons anywhere? All I see is member restricted stuff...

  8. animitta


    Not found on his web site but on youtube (i suppose it must be in his web site too):

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    Hope this helps!

    All the best


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