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To Kurt or wommusic: "Star Of Jupiter" lead sheets

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  1. jhall8291

    Hi all,
    I'm new to the forum, but certainly not to Kurts music. I noticed Mike Moreno offers lead sheets to his tunes for sale on his site. I'm sure a lot of us would happily pay for downloadable lead sheets of Kurt's tunes. If anything, seems like an easy way to make some extra dough. Individual tunes or album bundles, I know I'd be all about it. Any chance of that happening?

  2. Poparad

    This would be great! If you guys need any computer typesetting work done, I'd love to offer my services. I did all of the notation for the Ben Monder Compositions book on Mel Bay, as well as the large collection of my transcribed lead sheets and solos on my website (

  3. JorgeRubiales

    That would be awesome, an online music sheet store!

  4. jazzacast55

    Yeah that would be awesome! Gilad and Kreisberg offer that on their sites too.

  5. smoke

    I am down. One of the laments of crusty old critics is that there are no 'standards' being written. Having access to charts from great writers like Kurt would help get these great songs played and go a long way to shut the critics up. Kurt has written plenty of tunes that I consider modern standards.

    Contact us
  6. Poparad

    One of the biggest reasons why the "standards" of the 50's and 60's (Wayne Shorter, MJQ, Freddie Hubbard, Coletrane, Monk, etc) are so commonly played is because of The Real Book. A readily available, standardized collection of tunes that younger players could work from to learn. So many of the modern jazz songs can be daunting to transcribe, and a lot of work to do so, so they're not as commonly played. If charts were readily available from more writers, more people would be able to play their tunes and cement those songs into the cannon of jazz repertoire.

  7. smoke

    Agree Poparad. Maybe we need a Real Book 2.0 or something!

  8. jazzbum

    I agree with Poparad on this! Your work on the Monder book was great, and your website is an excellent resource.

    One of the biggest challenges will be to make a volume that is consistently accurate and readable.

    The complexity of many new jazz compositions can make it difficult to put them into the traditional fake book format, that is, a format that will allow readability while staying true to the material.

    An example - Chuck Sher's All Jazz Real Book (even his Standards Real Book) has many great tunes in it, but I have never used it on a gig, because most of the arrangements have more information than really is necessary to interpret the tune, by an educated musician.

    IMO - the ol' inaccurate, complained about, illegal 5th edition does things fairly well because it assumes the player has heard the tune, so the chart just needs to be as simple as possible - capturing the essence.

  9. jhall8291

    That's why I'd like to get the sheets direct from Kurt. You know they're gonna be accurate. What I'd REALLY like is a sheet that would accompany the lead sheet showing how Kurt is approaching the changes in improv. Some of the tunes are fairly confusing to me as to how each chord is functioning, so I'm always amazed at how he can seamlessly play melodic lines through them.

  10. Poparad

    I agree, finding that balance between including the essential information for the tune, yet maintaining an easy to read, gig-ready lead sheet is tough. A truth about many modern jazz songs is that they're more complex compositionally, with specific basslines, or even chord voicings, longer forms, and sections that repeat out of order or almost repeat but not quite. Sometimes that then requires 3 or more pages for a tune, which is tough for a fakebook. If there were a way to print one with foldout pages or something, that might be a solution. One of my favorite modern "standards" play is "Ice Fall" by Chris Cheek (Kurt played on the record, "Vine"), but the smallest I've been able to reduce the chart to is 4 pages, and even then there are two D.S.'s and two codas because the form is almost played backwards on the head out.

    I've often thought about compiling a modern Real Book, like say, "Jazz Standards 1990-2000," or "2000-2010." It's not something I could do by myself, and would require a lot of coordination between lots of people due to royalties (hence why the old Real Book actually got off the ground - they just skipped that part). Nonetheless, I think it would be a really noble venture and hugely beneficial to jazz players and to the music itself.

  11. bingefeller

    Poparad - Would you need much funding to create a modern real book?

  12. Poparad

    I don't know if it's so much funding as it is just people to do work: contacting publishing agents for various artists or artists themselves, and then someone who knows how to negotiate with a publishing company who can make a physical product and distribute it. A digital version I feel would be an essential part as well.

  13. patfarlow

    I submit Aaron Parks' "Nemesis" for approval to the new real book

  14. Poparad

    Pretty much all of Aaron Parks's album would be prime for that. Besides Kurt, obviously, off the top of my head, I think Brad Mehldau, Chris Potter, Chris Cheek, tunes from the Brian Blade Fellowship, Allan Holdsworth, Mikkel Ploug, Jonathan Kreisberg, and Ben Allison would all be prime sources to draw from.

  15. smoke

    Dave Douglas and David Binney for sure.

  16. adamv

    I am all for that. I can't believe there isn't a book of modern standards yet either. I think it would sell really great. The new music needs to be played more and interpreted by all musicians on the scene.

  17. jazznan

    I totally agree, if only Wayne Shorter would have released lead sheets, think of all the discussions and problems we could have avoided ;)

    I'm sure you know Aaron Parks posted his lead sheets for free here:


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