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  1. Sandemose

    Hi everyone,

    I first of all want to declare that I dont want to start a fight with this post. I absolutly dont want to insult anyone and I hope anyone wont take this the wrong way.

    To my question: what do you guys think of this. Some days ago I searched for new videos on youtube with different musicians. I do this close to everyday. I searched for Kurt, Monder, Moreno, Hekselman, Kreisberg, Krantz among others. So...what happens? I find people playing at their homes who also happens to dig those cats I mentioned above. But no videos with Monder, Krantz or Kurt etc. If I want to find videos with sertain musicians, why would I be intrested in listening to people that also dig those cats? The only reason would be if the song was written by one of those musicians, or excercises some of them have come up with, or something like that.

    If anyone here do feel insulted by this post I apologize. People here might do this when they upload their videos. This wasnt my intention. I just want to know what people here think about this. I guess people who do this do it because they want views. Nothing wrong with that I guess, but is it right to use famous names as tags to get those views?

    Best, Sandemose

  2. Nuno
    Key Master

    Sandemose, i am sympathetic with you. I think that this is really a disrespect for the artists in question. Because they are really taking advantage of the tagging system to attract attention to themselves in an dishonest way. It´s misleading and sometimes you see some really bad things instead. and then again this is just my opinion. :)


  3. Sandemose

    Thanks Nuno, I think its a lose-lose situation. He/she who searches for something doesnt find it (or it drowns in unrelated stuff) and the artists name is used in a dishonest way as you said. For me, I think the best way to get attention is to look for people who share their playing on the tube, comment it, give positive feedback, add them as friends, subscribe on their favorites. Hopefully, if you uploaded video then people who got the feedback hopefully will give that too. Also, a good way to get views is to add tags with the gear you use. I often find myself searching for pedals, amps, cabinets, mics, guitars, strings etc, to get an idea what they sound/looks like. If you do yourself a name, have alot of subscriptions and views maybe it will intrest the manufacturer. I think this is a more honest way to go, instead of letting people who have done the hard work to get their names out there, do the work for you.


  4. Nuno
    Key Master

    definitely! i think that you have pretty objective opinion about how people should use the tagging system in youtube. in my reply above i was referring to: there are many guitarists that put performances by them (solo or otherwise) playing standards, and introduce tags like you referred to "Kurt, Monder, Moreno, Hekselman, Kreisberg, Krantz" and it´s this i consider misleading!. Well one might say that these clips are played in the same tradition or style etc but i don´t think that this justifies the use of these tags.

  5. Pascau

    I personally tend to not watch videos tagged with a well known musicians name, unless it actually has something to do with the musician. If the person is playing a song by them or something, then thats cool. But if it has nothing to do with them, I think it's just dishonest.

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  6. Sandemose, your gentlemanly demeanor is appreciated, indeed. However, i feel it is important to take this a step further and decry these false advertising virtual perverts as...false advertising virtual perverts. You should also search for Lage who, in my opinion, is right up there with those other cats if not even better.

  7. Sandemose

    DLighto1: yeah, Lage is freak, a beast, I know. Just forgot him now when I wrote the initial post. I search for him all the time, but it seems like there is less videos with him than the other cats. ITts a shame though. Some of the best playing Ive heard recently is from him. Why not Tim Miller as well. They are so many you forget half of them. Its a wonderful time to be alive, and I will definetly talk about this decade as the "decade of the guitarists", to my future kids, no doubt.

    Thanks for calling me a gentlemen, that doesnt happen to often :)

    Best, Sandemose

  8. I agree, it's bullshit. I don't even see the point of putting videos of yourself playing other people's stuff on youtube. Who cares? Anybody can learn solos that are already there! It's just a matter of practicing it in your room. It takes a real artist to create great music and thats what they should be posting, either their music or videos them playing with an actual band and improvising on tunes and stuff, but not transcriptions or intros etc... I think that people who do that are really seriously missing the point.

  9. Poparad

    I agree completely. It really pisses me off, too. I can see tagging a specific artist if you're covering a tune of theirs, but not just slapping on a bunch of big names to attract searches to you.

  10. Sandemose

    Hi, thanks everyone for sharing your opinion on this topic. They way I see it: the reason people do this is not only to get views. If you really want views you would add tags like "anal", "teen", "slut" or what ever, and you will end upp with 1000.000.000 views in a day. The reason people do this is to pay credit or homage to these wicked cats like Kurt, Hall, Monder, Kreisberg or what not. This is not a obvious problem. I emailed a guy, 17 years old, and the taging thing hadnt struck him at all. And who´s to blame him? I sure wont, because the intention wasnt bad or corupted in initially. He is just a fan as I am.

    Thanks again guys, I appreciate reading your posts!

    best, Sandemose


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