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  1. david6strings

    Hi everybody, i'm new and this is my first topic. first of all i cant speak english so maybe some things i say can be just bullshit, i just speak what and how i can, sorry for that.

    the more years i keep playing the more seems to me music is a language. if it is right how i learnt 2 speak (not english :) ) imitation and then trying 2 repeating. mom. water, eat, popo, play. if i were to USA tomorrow i'd try to repeat the words or tags i've heard at the movies and most of all the basic ones, do you know where, can i have, how much, if i had to improve a conversation i'd try things i've heard before with the risk they were in another context.

    with music is for me the same, i hear a whole little phrase from grant green and i analise where in the harmony it is done, when is the measure, what strings are used and why not the same in other part etcetera...

    so because of this i shoot this following questions i hope u like to discuss:

    - is it good to learn an improvisation transcribed in a paper. my opinion: i have forbidden myself to work with nothing else than audio staff

    - what do you think about the believe of transcribe music of others instruments specially when one is starting with bebop. here i'm not sure about what to think, but is true there is a tradition of guitarist who has thought this before and put their effor in develope a guitarist tradition in bebop style (green, raney) intervals are so different in a tenor sax or piano because of their construction, maybe trumpet (hubbard) is more accesible for guitar

    - is it worth to have a cronological progresion for learning the lenguage (talking about bebop always). i don't know

    if you want to discuss some of the cuestions i wonder these days of starting seriously with the hard work of playing, be free to say you think and i'll always be happy to learn from all of you.

  2. Quintricacy

    For me, transcription is a great thing. You really get inside what the player is doing and where they are coming from. I've transcribed Kurt and Coltrane. For a really good article on transcription, check this out.




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