Tommy Emmanuel

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  1. goshawk

    I'm sure most here are familiar with him and while I'd seen clips of crowd pleasing covers- appealing mainly to those less harmonically sophisticated-
    I've only recently discovered how much more there is to what the man does to a piece.

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  2. Poparad

    Those are both really nice! I've only really heard him do the super cheesy arrangements of other tunes, but these are really quite masterfully arranged (and performed)! Thanks for sharing!

  3. mrzzajjazz

    Brilliant! :)

  4. lagrange

    Agree....he tends to the super showy stuff. But he has a lyrical ear and super sensitive touch on low key classics like the Bacharach piece

    Magical rainbow ponies
  5. piggyfly0000

    He gets some of his chordal ideas from Ted Greene. I'm getting really into finger-style playing lately. IMO, it allows you to do so much more than playing with a pick. You become a one man band!


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