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tonight(09.30.12) village vanguard

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  1. to speak of the technical aspects of the sets will surely ensue after people who attended reflect on any of the sets they may have seen, however I'm less interested in this immediately and feel that words would fall short and at best reduce the experience into a flatter less dimensional account when i do it and really want to stay with the feeling from the show.
    i was really floored and moved by the playing, music and artistry .the intense clarity: of listening and of the statements made kept astounding me as to what goes into sustaining that level of it for so long.the conviction of the statements were also constant- at all levels, from the most bold to the most subtle.the lushness of his harmonic control; it's movement, and the inner line stuff therein - again , not to get technical but this stuff was always in the service of music and not for the sake of demonstrating a skill in vain for itself but a sense of parts or voices moving ( with their own dynamics and contours yet with a pianistic big picture momentum and control).the phrasing and endless flow of line and ideas was ridiculous.
    I'm very glad to have been present.
    thank you, kurt.


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