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  1. As you can see, my excitement lead to a double post, sorry.

  2. mikelorenz

    any reports about last nights show? new music? old stuff? would love to hear about it.

  3. Quintricacy

    there was 2 or 3 new ones, one was a completely rubato thing which was very cool. They also played Brooklyn Sometimes, A Shifting Design and two standards. Kurt was amazing as ever and Aaron had some moments too but it felt a little bit flat at times energy wise. Maybe it was just one of those nights. The highlight of the gig was the blues they played in the second set, Kurt played some of the best modern jazz guitar stuff ever.

  4. mikelorenz

    sounds good and thanks for the feedback. i'm thinking about going saturday night despite the usual crowded nature of the weekend sets. there's so much amazing music happening in NYC this weekend its hard to choose where to be!

  5. coltrane

    both nights i went kurt played arpestra, brooklyn sometimes, deja vu, bass place, song for r.c., and omage omich in the first set in that order. (not sure about spelling on some of those). the second set had a shifting design, a jackie byard blues tune i cant remember the name of that sounded a little like relaxin at camarillo, and a bunch of tunes I didn't recognize and weren't announced the night I stayed for the second set. I think its because the blues tune really took off and went on for something like 20 minutes and there either wasn't enough time for the last tune or kurt didn't want to follow that tune.

  6. coltrane

    o yea and he played under it all in the second set which was a pleasant suprise.

  7. Set Lists Wed. night -
    Set I
    Arpestra (spelling??)
    Brooklyn Sometimes
    Deja Vu
    Bass Place
    Omage Omich?? (spelling??) Ahmaj Ahmitch??

    Set II
    Spirit Kiss
    If I SHould Loose You
    Mrs. Parker Of KC (the blues recorded on a dolphy record)
    Under It All
    Song For RC (I think?? I didn't get the name and don't remember)
    A Shifting Design

    The rubato one - noted earlier in a post (perhaps)- was Bass Place...Kurt played it with the quartet that had Andrew D'Angelo in it last time he was at the vanguard, and it was almost COMPLETELY different!! Different band, different sound.

  8. Lasse S

    Thanks for this info .. The mistitled "Omage Omich" is called "Hommage a Mitch" - to Smalls-founder Mitch Borden .. And Song for RC is correct :)


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