transcribing comping tips?

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  1. Matt

    so i'm wanting to transcribe some of Jim Hall's comping/chord voicings, specifically from 'big blues' with red mitchell (here, specifically 4:26-5:50). i was curious if anyone had tips on how to go about it, or maybe approaches that would be helpful in successfully transcribing it. thanks, all the best

  2. jorgemg1984

    Play 3 random notes on the piano and try to sing the middle voice (check after). Increase the number of notes and always try to sing the middle ones (the bass and the top are usually easy). Has helped me hear inner voices on voicings...

  3. gleepglop

    Along the lines of jorge's suggestion: to improve your ability to hear inner voices, play a three-note chord on the piano or guitar, and work on moving just one or two voices:

    * move upper note, listen to lower two
    * move lower note, listen to upper two
    * move upper and lower, listen to middle
    * keep upper and lower static, move middle voice

    This helps your ear practice home in on particular voices. Singing helps, too, as always.


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