Tremolo before or after Delay?

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  1. jazznan

  2. Poparad

    I would put it after the delay. Pretty much any 'wet' effect like chorus, phaser, rotary, reverb, I'd put after delay, and any 'dry' effects (distortion, etc) before.

  3. jazznan

    Thanks pop's!

  4. jbroad

  5. Quintricacy

    Cool link! I'm only new to the pedal thing myself and had never thought about signal chain. Thanks Jbroad.

  6. david6strings

    it's interesting how jazz players do it. they plug the guitar into their rats then the delay and finally the reverb. a rock player never put the delay in the chain but in a loop way. same thing with solo boosters, u can plug it in the loop in. this is confusing for me to learn

  7. Hey ,
    question . Why does it matter where in the chain I put my volume pedal?
    I had guitar>volume>octave>loopstation>amp. This made no sound. I checked each cable and pedal on it's own and it was all fine .
    So when I switched volume and octave's position in the chain i got a signal . I truly believe everything was connected properly .
    Why would this be?

  8. JorgeRubiales

    Floatingbridge, that makes no sense, except if your volume pedal was closed in the first test, or if there was some kind of strange switching happening with your pedal (there are volume pedals with routing capabilities, stereo, etc.)

    The thing in the order of the effects is that you must think what each pedal is going to affect. Distortion before delay works because you are repeating the distorted tone with less volume. Would work the distortion after delay? Definitely yes, but the sound coming out will be different. You will be distorting your signal+delays, so depending on the dist. it would be a very close sound as before, or not.

    However, feel free to experiment. A tremolo before a distortion gives a kind of hammond-like tone for example. Imagine how would it be if you put your tremolo before your delay, then connect them and see how it compares to your imagination.

    There's no "proper" way to chain pedals, just conventional or unconventional ways.

  9. Yeah, you are right.

  10. kurtisrosenwinkel

    i'd put the tremelo before the delay.


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