Trio Set Up?

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  1. steepcreeks

    Wondering what some folks thoughts are on instrument (guitar,bass, drums) positioning. I've always put myself(guitar) stage left, bass in the middle and the drums on the right. Have switched it up a few times but rarely. In looking at some different high profile players (Frisell, Hall, Scofield, Metheny, Kurt, Monder, Lund, Gilad, etc) there seems like some variation. Figure some folks in here like different things for different reasons.

    It almost seems like if I was going to put myself on the outside I should be putting myself on stage right since my regular bass player is right handed. That way the front of the upright bass would be facing directly toward me. Maybe I'm just being selfish:)

    Does anybody switch it up depending upon the style of drummer and or bassist they are playing with on a particular gig? i.e. - maybe the drummer tends to lock in best with the one nearest them so perhaps you make an exception for this drummer and therefore put them or yourself in the middle.

  2. mikelorenz

    I've found it depends on the space most of the time but I have played with a few players that like to change things around for their own reasons. One drummer I play with quite often was into setting up "backwards" as he was calling it with the bass player on the hi-hat side with me being the furthest away from him. So looking at the stage we were, from left to right, drums, bass then guitar. I usually set up as you'd see a piano trio setting up which would be flipping guitar and drums with the bass still in the middle.

    I've tried drums in the middle but in certain instances I lose the bass from my perspective and have trouble locking in.



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