Kurt clinic from 2006: question

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  1. animitta

    Hello to everybody,
    can someone tell me the title of the tune that Kurt play on NGW clinic at about 15:46 mins?

    I am talking about the clinic that Sandemose shared with us, see post: Kurt clinic from 2006

    Is that tune a standard?


    All the Best

  2. harmnobean

    these foolish things

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  3. animitta


    With your suggestion i have seaked for the tune on youtube and i found this one:

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    - Chet Baker ( one of my favorite trumpet player ) and Rene Thomas ( a great guitar player too ) playing that standard.

    I love the way Kurt play that tune and i would like to practice some of that concepts soon.

    Really really thanks : )

    All the Best

  4. harmnobean

    No problem

    Thanks for that Chet Baker version. Rene Thomas' comping is great! I really like how he comps using both single notes and chords in such a seamless way. Very cool.


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