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  1. Hi to all,new to the forum and a Rosenwinkle tone lover; )

    Question,I purchased an Epiphone es-175 new about 1 month ago.Great axe,plays and sounds super.
    The guitar has been set up and by an authorized dealer,gauge 0.11 strings;bone nut.(which has been graphited with pencil led.)

    A weird thing about this instrument,I will pick it up and play for the first time, say for about 10 or 15 minutes or so and then it goes sharp.Then I re-tune and can play without any tuning issue(the room I am in is not cold.)This is a constant.
    Any takers?



  2. fakejake

    tuners on epiphones are not the best. you could get a set of kluson or even better grover tuners that will help with tuning. i don't know how long you've been playing and how much you know about guitar setup, but a lot of newbies and even more experienced players dont know how to properly string their instruments. try not to wind the string around the tuner to much, 1.5 times for lower and 2 times for the higher strings is enough, plus it should be done in a neat, ORDERLY fashion. chaoticly winding the string 5-6 times round the tuner will lead to tuning issues on any guitar.

  3. guitar1025

    To add to what fakejake is talking about, as a rule of thumb, I usually measure the string to the next peg (if I'm stringing the 6th string I measure the string to the 5th string peg). This is the point where I "notch" the string. This usually gives me the right amount of slack in the string.

    I'm hoping if you had it professionally set up that the person already did this. You probably just need new tuners, as fakejake suggested.

  4. Hey,thnx for all the responses~

    Epi-175 already have Grovers on them...whether they are the
    cheaper version Grovers is another issue.

    I had a bone nut installed and lubed it with led/graphite powder.

    The luthier set it up as well and posted the approx. amount of windings,
    similar to the ones recommended.

    I am wondering if maybe if could be a temperature related issue since
    my room is a little cool...or
    I have inadvertently moved the floating bridge while playing.

  5. gleepglop

    It's possible that if the strings are cold when you start that your hands are warming them up, causing them to go sharp after you've been playing for a little while.

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  6. I think when summer arrives I ll know for sure if it is weather

  7. fakejake

    if the strings would warm up they would expand, causing the guitar to go flat.
    if it is temperature related, it must be the neck/ body warming up --> expanding --> causing the guitar going sharp :)

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  8. Just to elaborate a little more(hope to make any needed adjustments in the future),
    it seems I need to stretch and detune the strings before I tune up.If that procedure is
    done there really doesn't seem to be an issue with the above mentioned issue.
    Would that imply the tuners(they're Grovers)are cheap/defective or that the bridge needs
    to be pinned or something else?

    Thnx much~

  9. fakejake

    if you're planning to use this as your main guitar for the next years, changing the tuners would make sense in any case. i used to have an epiphone for quite some time, at one point i swapped the cheap klusons for decent grovers and never looked back. the extra mass of the grovers also adds some sustain.
    a higher quality bridge might also help. lots of les paul guys swear on graphtech bridges + saddles.

  10. gleepglop

    @fakejake "if the strings would warm up they would expand, causing the guitar to go flat."

    Based on my experience, this is not how it works. The strings are presumably expanding, yes, but this makes them go sharp, not flat.

    Having played in hot places near a door while air conditioning is blowing, I've seen firsthand what actually happens plenty of times.

  11. fakejake

    if temperature increases, objects expand. thats pretty basic physics. so if the strings expand and get longer, the guitar goes flat.

  12. Ok, sounds like the possibility of 2 different issues,weather or a tuner issue.
    When the hot weather comes I guess I will be able to make a ruling there.
    As far as tuners I will take that into consideration as well in the future and maybe pin
    the bridge down too.

    thnx much~

  13. fakejake

    sorry about my tone didnt want to come across as a smart ass

  14. JorgeRubiales

    Maybe the body gets warm too and expands the tail, causing the string to go sharp?

    Anyway, if you can play ok after a little warmup, I wouldn't bother chasing the thing. Just remember to warm up before a gig and everything will be fine

  15. Thnx for the continuing responses on this thread,no
    offense taken at any of the replies.They have been all helpful~

    Yeah, a warm-up before a gig seems to be the appropriate thing to do till
    I know for sure what the issue is.Its just a matter of deductive
    reasoning,weed out all the possibilities till the error is caught.
    I am waiting for one really warm day to see if it's a climate issue...
    and a windfall so I can buy a decent archtop ; ) lol

  16. gleepglop

    Hey fakejake, no worries. I understand physics, I took 3 years of it. But expansion works in more than one way, for instance the strings are expanding radially far more than longitudinally.

    Even more basic to all science is the acknowledgement of empirical data, which indicates (based on my experience) that heating up strings makes them go sharp.
    It may be different depending on what the strings are made of, it could be that the expansion of the wood or other materials is causing it, maybe the increased diameter from the radial expansion is having an effect, I don't know.

  17. guitar1025

    . . .or, just putting out there, maybe it's gremlins changing your guitar's tuning!

  18. BTW,don't know if this makes any difference, this guitar has a "Floating rosewood base with Tuno-O-Maticâ„¢ Bridge."

    I don't know how reliable these bridges are in terms of tuning...


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