Under It All

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  1. Ben

    What a great composition (and an amazing cd)! I feel like "Under It All" would have been a huge crossover hit back in the day. Anyway I'm working on transcribing it, some of the voicings are just perfect, and the composition is so powerful and moving (in addition to "Recognized" which brings tears to my face). Any help with the progression/ voicings would be much appreciated..


  2. Nathan078

    Hi ben,

    I would love to help you with transcribing it! I dont have this record though, your talking about "Under it all" the record right? If you could send it to me I would love to take a shot at some transcribing!

    [email protected]

    All the best,

    Nathan B.

  3. Gesture


    Kurt shared it here a while ago. Great tune. Great intro too!


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