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  1. Hi, First off thanks to all the members, all your forum posts are awsome. I was wondering, i have a gibson 339, i use .10s on it because sometimes i play rock with it, but now i want to make it an exclusive jazz guitar, and i was wondering if anyone had any tips regarding putting a heavier gauge on it for it to really get that jazzy thick sound. Please im desperately looking for that thick sound, and i think the gauge has a lot to do with it. The other reason i use .10s is because i last longer as far as my practice time because when i was using .11s i would get tired easier. I dunno plz help!!

  2. 111

    i use 11 flat wound (d'addario chromes) and they last forever. I like 'em good and dead. Maybe trying put some on and seeing how you like it. Getting a fat sound is a combination of things and it's not exclusive to just strings. I heard guys play with 9's roundwound, and between their attack and the settings of their guitar and amp it's it was a fat sound. 11's on a 335 using the neck pick up gives me plenty of the dynamic range I am looking for.

    I say this to address your concern about the tired fingers. I think you'd be surprised at what flat wound .11's will do for you. A small investment and you'd probably not have to re-set up your guitar.

    Good luck on your search!

  3. Sandemose

    Rafafish: Yo! D´Addario EXL 145 are the best strings for me (.012-0.54) with a plain G-string. I dont like wounded G-strings, and I hate buying other strings and having to change just one string. EXL 145 is the shit. I use them on these videos, maybe somewhat close to what you´re looking for? Being tired in your hands due to changing to heavier string is normal. You will eventually get used to it. I cant hardly play guitars with thinner strings anymore :( That Gibson 339 you got deserves thicker strings!

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  4. I'm using .13 to 53 Thomastik strings on my 335 and my 225 for about 5 years now and despite the price I find that I cannot switch brands and be pleased with the quality of the string although I did have 11s on a Telecaster while I had one. They're a bit more expensive then most other strings and they're harder to come by. Luckily for us we have interwebs and if you have paypal or a credit card then you can get them pretty easily.



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