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  1. wilmore

    Kurt's been at the Vanguard this week with his standards trio. Amazing music all around. Ruby my dear was def a highlight, as well as Fall and was all fantastic. For gear heads his pedals were only delay and reverb(strymon) except for small dist here and there which had a compressor tagged along. Thanks for the great music Kurt. Second set free!!

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  2. jbroad

    yeah, i went last night and they killed it. they did "sandu", "serenity", "goodbye pork pie hat" (the highlight of the set for me), "26-2", "ugly beauty", "like sonny", and one more that i can't remember. definitely worth checking out if you're in the NYC area

  3. wilmore

    Yeah, pork pie hat was great. That vamp out was amazing!

  4. mretfasterer

    I am glad that Kurt surrounds himself with such interesting musicians!!
    I almost didn't go to this show series, because I've seen the standards trio before and was expected the same thing...
    but Mr. Rosenwinkel, Mr. Okegwo and Mr. Stranahan added such a different perspective on these tunes than the last time I saw the trio with different musicians. Great show! SO glad I went!!! Highly recommend for those who are around the area. Make the trek. Totally awesome, adds to the standards trio, doesn't replace or take away, at all!

    Sandu, Serenity, Ruby My Dear, Get Out Of Town, Like SOnny, Boplicity, Fall, Goodbye Porkpie, Turn Out The stars, 26-2, some blues from a Paul Chambers Album. Great Stuff!

  5. patfarlow

    did anyone get any video?

  6. M.L-13

    +1 for goodbye porkpie hat

  7. arewolfe

    Damn, I've always wondered how KR would sound on Pork Pie Hat! That tune just sits on the guitar so nice. Every time I play it the sound reminds of something that should have been on "East Coast Love Affair."


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