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  1. Chris

    Hello y'all,

    I'm trying to put together a list of venues (that offer jazz) in NYC, and I thought some people on this forum may have a larger index than myself. I have not been to all these, but here's my list so far..

    Zinc Bar
    Jazz Standard
    Cornelia St Cafe
    Fat Cat
    Measure Jazz Club
    55 Bar
    The Stone
    Harlem Blues
    Village Vanguard
    Shapeshifter Lab
    Sycamore brooklyn
    Seeds brooklyn
    Korzo brooklyn
    Freddy's bar brooklyn
    Fifth Estate brooklyn
    Konceptions brooklyn
    Le Poisson Rouge

    Anything I've forgotten?

    The 55 Bar is definitely my favorite. I just wish they had a better beer selection. If I'm going to pay 7 or 8 bucks a beer I'd at least like a decent IPA. Smalls had a crooked tree IPA for awhile, but to my dismay they just got rid of it for a milder one that in my opinion is boring (less hops, less flavor). The Jazz Standard and the Fifth Estate by far have the best selection for beer snobs.

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  2. Poparad

    There's a sort of quasi-venue (more of an apartment turned into an art/music space) called Spectrum. Not much room for a crowd, but if you're looking for a small, intimate thing, it can be cool. They're also super open to anything experimental, but they're also a non-profit so it's not a $$ gig kind of place.

  3. Louis 649 in Alphabet city is awesome. Lots of cool whiskey drinks. I've seen Tim Miller there, Donny MacCaslin, Mark Turner, etc. They respect jazz and tell everyone to shut the hell up before each set. No cover. It's a great club. I hope it still exists.

  4. Also check the schedule for the Tea Lounge in Park Slope Brooklyn. I've seen Kurt play there (Human Feel). Brad Sheppik, Gary Versace. No cover, good beers.

    Magical rainbow ponies
  5. Louis 649 hadn't had music for a few years. The old lady upstairs from them wasn't having it; the fire dept came and issued violations for petty technicalities and since then it's been strictly cocktails and minimal food fare. Only twice have I seen something in the passed 5 years

  6. egav

    The Jazz Gallery (midtown, now. used to be in hudson street)
    The Flat (williamsburg)

    Also, a lot of people are boycotting the fifth estate. new management does not want to pay the musicians. Some people still play it, but musicians pay out of pocket, and usually doesn't get a crowd because of the lack of quality (because of not paying musicians).

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  7. gggomez

    This is great. I am travelling to NY next week from Melbourne and hang'n out for 2 weeks to catch as many gigs as I can. I have not arrived and I can add a venue as I have tickets to see Gilad Hekselman at Steinway Hall.

    Would love to hear of any great gigs in NY between 24 May and 6 June. Really hoping to get to see Petros Klampanis and Rotem Sivan.

    I see Kurt is playing with Wynton Masarlis and his Jazz at the Lincoln Centre Orchestra. This looks like a pretty ritzy production, I hope it is not too slick, I am more your small dark dinghy warts and all cavern type punter although I did see the Philip Morris Big Band 30 years ago and it blew my socks off. Anyone have any thoughts on this gig? Is it worth buying the premium tickets which I think are $100 or the $30 tickets are good?


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