Video of Kurt solo @ Montreux

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  1. mjkl

    Hi everyone & to Kurt, respect!

    This is my first post. Possibly it's been linked to before, but I just found a hi-def video of a solo concert on Montreux Jazz website. Fascinating, I love the two voices of HOG and guitar and the D'Angelico has clearly been modded for two outputs to accommodate this.

    Kurt, out of interest why have you chosen to go this route when the Tripleplay and other MIDI systems would presumably allow you more control of timbre and the advantage of single string voices, string groupings, fretboard splits etc - and to dial into the AXE FX too. For the sake of simplicity?

    Kind regards,

  2. kurtisrosenwinkel

    Hi Mark,

    I discovered the HOG for its freeze function and then have been expanding my use of it as a kind of organ sound. I like the simplicity of it, you just plug right into it, no converter necessary. I havent checked out the Tripleplay but thanks for hipping me to it, it looks cool. But then you need your computer integrated into your setup...

  3. clebergf

    Thanks for posting this.
    And congrats Kurt, waiting you here in Brazil!!

  4. mjkl


    I just discovered this relatively new approach to MIDI guitar, polyphonic pitch tracking which doesn't require the hex pickup!

    ...but you still need the computer (or phone)...

    Hey Kurt, when you got to hang with Holdsworth did you talk about these kinds of things much? He's the only person I can think of who's really taken guitar and synthesis to another level. Although McLaughlin, Metheny and many others have been there from the start and pushed the envelope, they mostly play guitar with another sound whereas Holdsworth & the SynthAxe was really a whole new instrument with the wind control, playing pads and strings.

    It's a shame that song didn't make it onto the DVD, I hope some good quality audio or video from that concert emerges elsewhere instead.

    Have a great xmas!


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