1. Sandemose

    Hey, Id thought it would be fun to see/hear people here play. No competetion, no showing off, just how it is when we enjoy ourselfs while playing music. I recorded a video today playing Beutiful Love. Soundquality is quite bad. Poorly filmed (I had to put my cellphone in my bookshelf to film myself, but came out of frame except for my face (haha) but no guitar/hands visable), and I skrew up the form sometimes I think. But I thought that the take had some moments either way. I would love to see videos/or recordings with you guys. Also the staff (ACT shows us your chops!) or Kurt for that matter :)

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    Best regards,


  2. cruxtable

    nice, sandemose..really not bad at all..nice improvising.. what's your story, anyway? did you study music/what do you do for a living?

    i'll make and upload a video as soon as i have time...class suck out all my time.

    in the meantime, here's my channel for people who haven't seen it yet (there's a kurt cover video in there):


  3. Sandemose

    Paul: sweet! And thanks for your kind words. I "know" you, I´ve been to your channel several times. I really like your take on Wayne Shorters "Infant eyes", one of my favorite tunes. I´d love to hear a solo over that tune, I guess thats not that easy :(

    I went to music school at high school for three years (the best three years of my life), and one more year as to prepere myself for a higher music education, but it didnt end up that way. I now study to become a teacher in swedish, litterature and religion. My students will be in the ages somewere around 15-19 so I guess thats equivilant of highschool, no? I teach guitar around 5 hours week. It doesnt give that much money, but its also much for fun since I enjoy teaching very much.

    Id love to see you blow over a tune, I really liked what Ive heard on your channel.

    Best and warmest regards,


  4. Pascau

    Great thread idea! I was just trying to record some videos of my playing earlier today haha.

    Sandemose: I've seen your replies many times on Kurt's youtube vids, it's nice to finally hear you play. The improvising sounded good, and it sounds like you have a really nice tone (behind the sound quality).

    Paul: I've actually checked out your channel before. I enjoyed that Bb blues you have uploaded, and "Sun". What type of guitar is that you're playing?

    Here's a video from earlier today of me playing along with Kurt's solo on the Next Step:

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    I'm still trying to figure out a good way to record the audio. Hopefully I'll get some higher quality videos up soon.

  5. Sandemose

    Pascau: thanks dude, I will investigate how I can get a better recording. Thanks for the comment about my tone, I work very hard for it, but it doesnt really pay off when sound quality is shit. This was more about just getting a video out there so I could start the thread :)

    Your playing is really great. Very economic in motion, looks beutful. From looking at your guitarmodel and listening to your playing I guess you´re a Tim Miller fan? So am I. Trio2 is a fantastic record and I love some of the videos out there with Tim, even if there could be more :)
    I send you friends request by the way, and I look forward seeing more videos with you :)

    Best, Sandemose

  6. Neither

    Nice work, everybody !
    Paul, you should share this "Darn that Dream" transcription !
    A question about your gear. I guess you play with a polytone minibrute. How do you set it ? I ask this because your sound reminds me a great modern jazz guitar player !!!

  7. denjz

    Well,I'm in too! This is my take on Reflections:

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    Sandemose - great tone! Is that a Hoffner?

  8. Sandemose

    denjz: great playing! I really enjoyed that take on Reflections. I got to get the sheets for it, I should really learn it :)

    Thanks by the way! I really appreciate it. Its a Hofner Verythin Contemporary. Quite cheap. I like alot.

    Best, Sandemose

  9. jbroad

    great playing guys! i don't have any videos yet, but there are a few of my tunes here:


  10. Sandemose

    jbroad: cool tunes, and cool vibe. I case you havent heard him, check out Johan Forss: http://www.myspace.com/forss I think you´ll dig it. Check out the tune "Soulhack", its insanly cool.

    Best, Sandemose

  11. cruxtable

    pascau: that's a d'angeloco nyss, like kurt uses sometimes.

    neither: the darn that dream arrangement is something i worked out, but never wrote down. the polytone is one of the older ones with just a treble and bass knob. i can't remember how i set it at the time, but usually the treble is around 5, bass maybe at 4, and with the other switch set for "bright", though i might have been using that in the middle at the time of this video. my guitar's tone is set pretty low, maybe 2-3.

    denjz: nice blowing! i could stand to cop(p?) some of your lines....

  12. cruxtable

    this is not a video, but here's a recording i recently made of a tune i wrote...there's a sax solo and then i blow...very difficult changes to blow over. let me know what you think:


  13. jbroad

    hey sandemose,

    thanks for the heads up on the forss stuff. i'm diggin' it!


  14. denjz

    Wow,I'm really surprised how many talented guys hang here!
    Paul: great tune and playing!!(It's also very nice to have George Michael play sax in your band! :))
    feel free to cop my lines:in fact so many of them are stolen that I don't know if my playing is even legal :)

    jbroad: hip sfuff!I would definitely come to your gig!

    Sandemose: Friends!!!

  15. eSkills

    Cool to listen to you guys. I don't have any videos, but my myspace page is http://www.myspace.com/eskilhostad. There is a tune there which is "pretty" Kurt inspired, you can probably guess which one heh.

  16. trim

    nice to hear all you guys! i also don't have any videos but have some tunes up on my website with my trio. http://www.andrewtrim.com. any thoughts would be great.

  17. Poparad

    Nice videos everyone!

    I've got a bunch of random things up, all of some degree of dubious quality.

    Jazz Tunes:
    Norwegian Wood:

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    Ice Fall
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    Starling (original):
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    Counterparts (original):
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    Solo guitar pieces:
    Mysterious Habitats:

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    Red Shifts:
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    Metal band:

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  18. carlescountry

    A great thread! It is a pleasure to see and hear the quality of your work. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Sandemose

    Poparad: Ive been following your channel for a long time now and your playing only keep getting better everytime I check you out. You make great music and you play beutiful.

    Best, Sandemose

  20. No videos

    only myspace


    or website


  21. Colonel Trane

    You guys are all good.

  22. Nice to hear and see all you guys - here is a vid of myself trying to play " stairway to stars "

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  23. mich, sounds nice. What is your set up? Really good sound

  24. lollygirl

    Wow, you guys are all so impressive. What I really appreciate is the reverence with which you play. I, sadly, am not a musician yet ( starting to learn the double bass in 2 weeks) but am a lover of jazz and appreciate the skill and virtuosity that you all display. Keep posting, please.

  25. dlighto1 - the guitar is an Ibanez as80 going through a "brightener" pedal and to the green line6 pedal for a touch of delay and the amp is a homemade AC15 clone.
    mic is AKG c60 to MAudio delta1010 soundcard with some plate reverb.

  26. natjanoff

    Hi, Everyone I'm new to the board , but I've known about this wonderful forum for a while. I live in New Jersey but play
    in NYC pretty often. I teach and play professionally. I'm very impressed by all the great players in this forum. Here are
    two videos of mine, I hope you enjoy them!

    " Mood "

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    " Shorter Times " It's the changes to ESP.

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  27. Sandemose

    Thanks all you guys for sharing all this beutiful stuff! Love the vibe on this forum; no competition, just the will the share and explore music together. I dont know if this is (off topic I know) typical for the jazz community in general, but I think jazz can be quite competative at times. But when its made of curiosity, love or what ever people find meaningful, nothing can holds us back. Thanks again everyone,

    Best, Sandemose

  28. natjanoff

    I'm with you Sandemose! Well said.

    Nat Janoff

  29. denjz

    natjanoff : great playing,man! I really enjoyed listening,especially that funky jam (at "the trumpets"?) with a keyboard player.

  30. Pascau

    natjanoff: That tune "Mood" is rad! Trio sounds great.

    jbroad: Some very cool stuff on your myspace. "Current" is very cool, really dark energy.

    I'm gonna have to keep checking this thread/catchup on the videos I haven't seen yet, lots of really cool projects!

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