1. Sandemose


    Me playing a solo on a song called "Karlsson". Distortion and pentatonics and stuff. I guess its a post-rock-hardcore-pop-song of some sort. I loved it first time I heard and more or less forced myself into a recording sessions. I took me 20-30 takes or so and I was quite nervous for some reason.

    Hope you like it,

    Best, Sandemose

  2. InWalked

    In 2010 I hosted a masterclass with Charlie Hunter and had the opportunity to play for him. My friends will tell me I suck but it means more to hear it from somebody who can actually play. Charlie was super insightful and positive and has made a big improvement in my playing in the 4 years since.

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  3. prl_b1992

    Hi guys, my first post here in the forum from portugal! Here's a video playing a standard with some friends, hope you like it! It's great to be here.

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  4. anfjell

    Playing A fusion version of Dorams'Bluw BossaAndreas Fjellström



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