1. nice stuff!

    there's a video on my website of myself playing an on-the-fly reharm (i guess you could call it that) of "night and day". there's also some original music on there. let me know what you think...it's by no means perfect! haha.


    brandon coleman

  2. Sandemose

    Hey Brandon, you wicked little monster, are you a subscriber of my youtube chanel? Oh yes, there you are, just found you :) I posted a comment on that video 5 month ago. Haha, and I even bother to complain about the soundquality (MY videos are so lousy its not even funny). You play absolutly great Brandon. I love your style and temper. Cool of you to share your music with us. You´re a great player in my book. Best, Sandemose

  3. Brendan

    wow, brandon coleman is a great composer....

    i had a feeling alot of the people on here were great musicians from my days of stalking the old rosenwinkel board...

    anyways here are a few of my tunes: http://www.myspace.com/spaceequatorhome

    they are all pretty old, hopefully ill put some new stuff up soon.

    happy holidays..

  4. andreu

    Cool, you sound great guys!

    I just bought a new guitar, it's a hand made carved archtop by Frans Elferink, and i love the sound :D
    I've uploaded a little video improvising

    [+] Embed the video | Video DownloadGet the Video Player

    I got some gigs on youtube

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  5. Sandemose

    Nice playing and beautiful sounding/looking guitar you got there. Remind me a bit of D´Angelicos (thinking of the headstock esp.) Nice to see you!

    Best, Sandemose

  6. Sandemose: Thanks for the kind words! I hope I'll get some new vids up soon, I'm going to try to get some this Friday at a gig with my trio! I enjoy all your vids!

    Brendan: Very cool music! I dig the rhythmic feel on "Over The Wall"! Wild, man! Keep it up!

    Andreu: Beautiful playing! Excellent tone and phrasing...I'm jealous of your guitar!

    Thanks guys! Oh, btw, I got endorsed today by ModTone pedals! I'm pretty excited!

  7. natjanoff

    Denz and Pascau thanks a lot ! I really appreciate it!

    Hey Jack Broad, really enjoyed " Current " !

  8. jbroad

    thanks nat, pascau, and denjz! i'm glad you're diggin' the tunes.

    nat- mood is really killing bro. it's a shame that you couldn't find any good musicians to play with. :0 haha!!!

    denjz- really nice version of reflections. i want your guitar, btw!

    pascau- nice job on the next step!

  9. hitdoggie


    "West Bows Key" and "Follow"

    Still pretty killin' after some time has passed!

  10. Hey guys, I guess since this is goin' on I might as well share my stuff as well.


    Peace and hope you enjoy!

  11. thanks Hitdoggie. Yeah that stuff is getting old now. I need to release that CD sometime soon. I keep getting roadblocks in the way LOL.

    Maybe out in January, i'll put the foot down on that somebitch next week when my grades are in.

  12. Got a new audio clip up, "Joey's Brew" (Solo), from a live gig with Hard Quartet. Check it out.


  13. Pascau

    andreu: Really nice playing. Dig the guitar as well. What are you using to record the video? I'm trying to find a good way to record some videos myself.

    Stevee_y: Cool compositions. How are you finding McGill/the scene in Montreal?

    Brandon Coleman: For some reason none of the audio on your site will launch on my computer :(. I'll have to try again later. I did check out the Night and Day video though, there're some awesome voicings in there!

  14. Hey man! Thanks, I'm glad you like'em. Montreal is great, it's not perfect but then again no place is I guess. McGill is cool but there are a lot of bullshit classes we have to take to get a degree in Jazz that are really time consuming and kind of irrelevant, so in that sense it kinda blows. There are however, lots of fantastic players and a real jazz scene, which is rare in Canada. It's certainly not as forward-thinking up here as it is in New York, but it's cool because you really have to learn the whole history and really understand it, which is largely what I'm trying to do at this point. So overall it's good, I just wish I didn't have to waste time jumping through hoops to get a degree, but I guess it's like that at any school...

  15. Pascau

    Here's another recent video, a short solo intro I wrote a couple days ago:

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    Cool, Stevee. I just finished a 2 year Diploma here in Vancouver, and I'm now trying to decide what to do next, so I've been looking at a few schools. Unfortunately, my diploma basically doesn't transfer anywhere, so I'll probably be back in 1st year.

  16. monk

    Andreu - what amp were you using here?

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  17. andreu

    I recorded the video of the new guitar with a little Casio photo camera actually... but i uploaded the file as a HD file to Youtube.

    I always play with a 15" Minibrute. The other videos you can find on youtube are with a polytone too

    keep up the good music! ^^

  18. I am new to the forum, looks really interesting. After hearing a bootleg YouTube version of Kurt Rosenwinkel playing on "Sandu" I was inpired to put up a video of my own playing (on the same tune, with lots of influence from what I heard KR doing).

    [+] Embed the video | Video DownloadGet the Video Player

    I saw Sandemose's name on the forum, and was immediately interested. I really like his playing on "Beautiful Love" in his own video, and his demeanor or "positive attitude" in posts and on this forum. We are all just students of jazz in some ways, even KR.

    Regarding KR on Sandu, I was particularly taken by the ways he "exploited" the tritone going to the IV chord (Sandu - Eb blues, I refer to his playing "A" ideas over Eb on the way to Ab), and even more so by his various substitutions for the last 4 bars of the form.

    I look forward to checking out the video's of other players' in this forum, and more discussion of KR's playing and compositions.

  19. monk

    Nice, thanks Andreuu

  20. Poparad

    Hey, TWJazz, that Sandu video was one I put up from the Cleveland show I recorded! Small world... You're right, those ideas on the last 4 bars are great! I haven't transcribed it, but Kurt does some really cool idea that moves the key up a half step every bar. I have the rest of the show, but I haven't gotten around to posting it yet...

  21. Sandemose

    twjazz: this is what its all about; jazz, music, art, or this forum in general. Sharing. giving feedback or what so ever. I appreciate your kind words. Thank you so much that.

    We are already up in 50 posts on this thread only. Thank you, everyone for contributing. It makes me proud off being a member of this forum. I dont represent this forum in any way, but I its not hard to think that Kurt is proud that this is being made in his name.

    Thanks guys,

    best, Sandemose

  22. everyone sounds really good! here's my channel:


  23. Poparad: wow, small world indeed! Thanks a lot for that Sandu video, I "hijacked" it and listened to it on my iPod many times - fantastic. You are right about the half-step movement, sort of Beatles-eque to me, and he also substitutes downward half-step movement on one chorus, F7 arpeggio, E7, into the Eb. It's wonderful the way he incorporates harmonic "vocabulary" that is outside traditional bebop / jazz harmony in his playing.

    Thanks again for that great posting of his trio playing on Sandu.

  24. Sandemose

    SamHoffmanJazz: Im really glad you found your way to the forum. You´re most welcome! I think you are very mature player with a bright future waiting for you.

    Best regards,


  25. hey everybody! good to see the rosenwinkel forum back on the internets. i have been good about spending less time on forums in general but i will be checking in here occasionally. i remember many folks here being fun, open-minded, and respectful. to all the usual suspects i say: sounds great as usual! in keeping w/ the thread topic, here's my old stuff (all i've got):



    i actually have some older video of myself playing/conducting, but it's on VHS. if i ever get it transfered to disc, maybe i'll be able to upload it. that'd be fun...

    brandon c. - nice. Dolemite! have you heard scott henderson's tune w/ the same name?!

    nice to see y'all. be back sometime soon,


  26. Colonel Trane

    Interesting to hear everyone's playing as well as the thoughts on the subs in Sandu. You're all great players.

  27. Pascau

    twjazz: Nice version of Sandu! I really liked the chords in the middle of the tune, with the Bb pedal thing, cool ideas.

    SamHoffmanJazz: Nice tunes. What model of Ibanez is that? Friend of mine has a very similar one, they sound nice. Hope to hear some of your originals at some point!

  28. pascau- thanks. its an ibanez 105f. they still make the 105 with two humbuckers but not the 105f with the floating humbuckers. i just finished a chart for big band and one for my combo but it will be a while before they are performance ready.

    you sound great by the way. what is that guitar you're playing?

  29. Pascau, checked out your vid. What settings are you using on those pedals? I have carbon copy and haven't ever been able to get it to sound that good. It's funny because I was just looking at the philosopher's tone. As soon as I can get my cam working, I'm gonna have to post some tunes up here.

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