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  1. Good thread idea! So far everyone sounds great! I don't have any recordings online yet since I haven't made a website, but here are a couple videos I did the music for (not jazz, but hey!):

    Time lapse of a bike trip to the beach in San Francisco:

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    Phoenix to LA in 10 seconds (notice the whole step ascending pentatonics...thanks kurt!):

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  2. Pascau

    rickh: Nice playing on Blue Bossa/Giant Steps. How are you recording your guitar, are you going through an amp? Sounds very acoustic.

    Samhoffmanjazz: One of my main teachers is also a luthier part time-ish, so thats one of his. Its somewhat modeled after a klein or canton guitar. They're meant to be ergonomic, hence the weird body. http://jaredburrows.com/ is his site.


    The settings on the Philosopher's Tone are:
    No grit
    Max Sustain
    Blend at 9:00, maybe slightly less
    Treble at 9:00
    Volume matching the volume of the guitar w/o the pedal on.

    On the Carbon Copy, I tweaked it with the internal pots so that it had a wider modulation, and I'm not sure which way I moved the speed. I'm not sure exactly what they are set at, as they're just screws inside the pedal, but if you just tweak and test it a couple times you should be able to find it.

    After its tweaked, it was set at:
    Regen at about 9:00
    Mix at about 9:00
    Delay at about 10:00 - 11:00

    Thanks all.

  3. nateroberts

    Everyone sounds great! I'm especially impressed by how much GREAT tone there is to go around on this forum.

    I don't have any videos either (hopefully soon?) but if anyone wants to hear some demo recordings, there are a few on my website at http://www.naterobertsmusic.com . They're nothing special, but you get the idea.

    Sandemose - what is your setup if you don't mind my asking. I really love the tone you're getting. I've still never owned a single pedal, I think maybe I need to get on that. What kind of delay are you using?

    Thank you all so much for sharing! I'm super inspired now.

    - nate

  4. Sandemose

    nateroberts: Hi, thank you for those words. Im concerned with my tone (or tone in general) but Im not that into gear and such. I wish I was better at it.

    Im using a Hofner Verythin Contemporary, .012-0.54 D´Addario, a cheap tube amp (Herley Benton, about 100$), and a T-Rex Tonebug Reverb. Im not using any delay on that recording (you refering to the "Beutiful Love" clip?). I do have a Boss DD3 (I think?) but as I said, Im not using in that particular clip.

    Thanks again, best regards!


  5. nateroberts

    I think the reverb is what I was hearing - I'm obviously very bad with gear as well! Haha. Either way, sounds great! Keep it up!

    - nate

  6. Here's some new ones I didn't even know existed online... :p

    Live solos from Junk Jam '09.

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    Syncope CNTPD from New Year's Party.

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  7. http://www.youtube.com/user/bieniaj#p/u/1/SEPrHA0SSbE

    my youtube channel with a few experimental ideas....maybe not performance ready, but ready enough to want to share.

    Have been enjoyin the forum for awhile but have never signed up....take care!

  8. geetarted

    Cool Forum and a good read.. here is a short clip of improve from "the Letters".

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  9. holiday noodles....just experimenting with experiments.....a little rough...but honest.


  10. Hi everybody, I've just registered and I like this idea very much. As Sandemose said: "no competetion, no showing off, just how it is when we enjoy ourselfs while playing music" - good to you!

    To founder of this forum group: good tone Sandemose, very nice Kurt-like improvising. I meen leading melody and playing chords. I'm trying to play something like this right now.
    If you have something more about pentatonics stuff, please paste it here! ;]

    my old version of Bilie's Bounce. Not so good quality and such boring ideas but I hope there are a few interesting ;] Unfortunately I don't have possibility to upload the newer stuff now.

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    Hope you enjoy

  11. Sandemose

    Yo soczez: Thanks for contributing, and cool of you to finally register to the site. I of course dont represent the site in any way, I feel like we all do, but you´re most welcome to this site. Thank you for those words about my playing. Im very humbled. About pentatonic stuff, I have a few excercises that Ive come up with and work hard on. I will post it eventually when I have translated it into english. I glad the message came through: this is about sharing and giving feedback. Thanks for bringing it up again.

    Nice playing as well soczez, very "twangy" which I find fresh in this kind of context. Who are your favorites, guys like Adam Rogers and Wayne Krantz perhaps? There might be a bit of Scofield in there as well :)

    Best regards,


  12. Actually my intension was not to sound like someone of my favourites, but trying to find something interesting for me in that moment. I'm really bored when I hear the 100th person who's trying to sound "like-jazz guitarist" and switch the tone knob off to the max (I don't even have the tone knob ;)) It's OK but it's not my way. You said "twangy" ;] Actually I never think about it like this, but, hey! it really does twang ;)
    However my amp sounds deeper and warmer when you here it live.
    To be honest, shame on me but I don't really know them so well ;) Scofield - maybe, but not then ;] Could you recomend some tunes of those?
    For this moment my The Numer One is Kurt ;) Majority part of his playing really inspires me so much!

    Would be great if you could share some pents stuff. It doesn't matter even if it is in Swedish. Notes are notes. "The whole tone scale" pattern is fantastic, I work hard on it now too.

    Thanks for good words!


  13. Sandemose

    soczez: I hear you. The pentatonic excercises I work with now are based on serialised number sequences within pentatonic cells. The description of the excercise is written in swedish. I havent written out the music, but I probably will together with a description in english. Hope to see you on the chat tonight. Ben Monder kicks ass.

    Best, Sandemose

  14. I'm just listening Aaron Parsks' "Nemesis" with Mike Moreno. Thats alternative way for sound! :D Really deep stuff.
    Going to see some Monder videos

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  16. I took the first one which is shown on YT when you ask "ben moder" and it is! FANSTASTIC!
    Luteous Pangolin. Really briliant! Thanks for that ;]

    P.S. If you could translate that would be great. Not exactly tonight ;]


  17. Sandemose

    Cool, Ben Monder concerts starts now on Smalls streaming. Im on the chat now, hope some guys could join in. Would be awesome...

    Best, Sandemose

  18. Hey guys

    This is my first post on the forum, it seems like a great place.
    Great topic Sandemose, lots of nice music here!!

    Here`s some of my music:

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    all the best,

  19. Sandemose

    Yoo, Michael! Nice to see that you found your way here. Check out the thread about that Lage Lund lesson. It seems to move at the moment. Welcome, and thanks for contributing with your beautiful music on this thread! Hope to see you on a Smalls night gig chat as well :)



  20. Joel

    Hope you guys enjoy this, there's some more at http://www.joelbell.co.uk

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    And a jam with my quartet and a hang drum and bass clarinet duo (Living Room Duo, great players and improvisers)

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    Let me know of any thoughts,


  21. Guys great playing there! Joel - unfortunately I have no time now to sit and hear all the stuff you've posted but I saw the first one a bit and it sounds like being inspired by Messiaen's music. is it possible? ;] Great guitar playing by the way!

    P.S. Sandemose - is there any options to finally see Lage Lund/Monder-maybe giving lessons via net?


  22. Sandemose

    soczez: I didnt understand your question, sorry. "Lage Lund/Monder-maybe giving lessons via the net"?

    Best, Sandemose

  23. Joel

    Hey Soczez,

    Thank you; I certainly really like Messiaen, I think there's a bit of Ligeti at the beginning, though it was all improvised (the alto player was guesting and the piece moved in a different direction). The group is a bit of a collision between jazz and improvising classical guys, so I'm glad that that side comes out!



  24. Sandemose: I related to your conversation with Michael (you've mented there something about it) I've wrote "Lund/ Monder- maybe" because I mean you know something about Monder's eventual lessons too ;]

    Joel: I like Messiean too, actually I'm just discovering his music now. Insane thing ;] But it's very nice you're trying to mix those things up.
    Keep it going!


  25. Benny

    Michael (maa): Great composition and playing on your YouTube link! I like your Fender D'Aquisto too!

  26. chollus

    hi, here is the kurt's intro on reflections....

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  27. Thanks Sandemose and Benny.

  28. ziggynice

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    Hi there, this is me with 2 friends playing Who from John Ellis live at Bacalhoeiro(Lisbon). Hope you enjoy! :)

  29. ziggynice

    I'll be happy to read some commentaries lool :)

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