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View From Moscow chart

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  1. denjz

    ...Just finished writing a chart of "View From Moscow" for my students,here it is:

    Now here's the problem: I'm not sure about the chord in the 20th bar.The best I could come up with was C7/Eb,but would be very nice to hear other opinions.

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  2. Pascau

    Awesome, thanks so much! I'll see if I hear anything different in bar 20 shortly.

    Edit: Sounds like theres a Bb and a C on the bottom. Like fret 6 on low E, and 3 on A. All the other ones sound great though.

  3. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Sandemose

    denjz: your students should be happy for having you as a teacher. Man, how advanced are they by the way? I havent seen through it, but I will, but I downloaded it and just looked at it. Thanks alot for sharing, its really generous!

    best, Sandemose

  5. eSkills

    I don't have an instrument here so can't accurately check now, but when I tried transcribing this tune, I heard the B section (starting with F#susadd3 in your chart) as not a repetition. Let me check if I can find it.

    Edit: Yes, found it. I decided to write the B section as such, there is probably a lot of errors though:

    F#11 | G 13 | Cmaj7(#5) | wtf...? |

    F#11 | Fmaj7 | E/G# | Am(add9)

  6. denjz

    Yeah, eSkills , your version is essentially the same as mine: F#11 means that both 3rd and 4th are present in the chord,so this is what I called F#7sus(add3)
    Fmaj7 against G bass gives us G13sus which is what I wrote (probably the bass player sometimes plays G,sometimes F there).
    G#m(b6) is just another name for E/G#,so...
    But there's still this chord...the "wtf..?" one.I can definitely hear Eb appears in the base a lot of times,and then there's Bb,E and maybe C.I'm not sure...In the solos both Kurt and Mark often play C major arpeggio over it.So what is this?

    Sandemose: I teach ensemble classas at the music high school here in Jerusalem and some of my students really dig all that modern stuff, like Kurt and Mark Turner.On the other hand they're not advanced enough to play something like Zhivago,so I try to pick tunes that would be easier to blow over.This one doesn't seem very hard: you can stay in A minor most of the time,except the last section...that very section we can't figure out :)

  7. denjz

    here's the link ones again:

  8. jazzbum

    That chord in bar twenty is:

    Bb F Bb E

    I'm pretty sure of this. I'm not sure what to call it, but I think I learned it from River Man by Nick Drake. Pinky on Bb at the sixth fret, bar with first finger on the 3rd fret and add the third finger on the E at 5th fret. Hope that helps.

  9. denjz

    I think you're right Jazzbum - the notes in the chord are F,Bb and E with E flat played by the bass.There are a few times you can hear the chord clearly during the drums solo.

    I don't even know how to call this monster...

  10. Sandemose

    denjz: man, I never ever paid attention to this chord, even if Ive heard the tune hundred times. Its one thing to come up with "new" chords, but its even harder to make them fit into a tune. Esp. if they are this disonant.

    Im only guessing, but might it be som Ebmajor chord (like Eb, F, Bb, D) but in this case, the major seventh (D) is replaced by the b9 (Fbb?). Like Ebadd9addb9 (no third, no seventh?). I also wonder if it could be a C dominant chord (no root), with the major third (E), the #9 (Eb), minor seventh (Bb), sus4 (F)? which is what you mentioned in your original post. I havent checked it out the chords mileu or context, maybe the answer is to be found there?

    best, Sandemose

  11. jazzbum

    I would ignore the Eb for the most part and treat it as a Bb triad with an added sharp 11 on top. You could play Cmaj Pent (for a lydian sound) or Bb Major pentatonic for a more consonant Gmi13 sound.

  12. Hey guys, I recently transcribed this tune and I had some trouble with that "wtf" chord as well. Obviously the E is a common tone between all of the chords so that stays on top and the Eb is always played by the bass. But I also hear an A in there in the chords and in solos. So what I came up with was Ebmaj7(#11/b9). It sounds right when I play piano along with the recording.

    Also, as far as that F#11 chord goes, I usually like to write is like so: F#7(11omit5) I feel like you lose the quality with the 5 in there but have found that the 9 and 13 sound great! What do you guys think?

  13. jazznan

    Kurt, any chance you could take 2 secs and clear this up for us? Thanks!

  14. jazznan

    Denjz, could you please post the link again, it's gone? thanks

  15. denjz

  16. geetarted

    Cool.. Thanks!

  17. jazznan

    yep, thanks

  18. Skott

    Hi, just watched a vid of K R G performing " View from Moscow" and Jazzbum was right about the chord. I was going crazy trying to transcribe the 4th chord. Here is a link to the vid:

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  19. sandman

    I was looking for a transcription of view from moscow to corroborate some stuff, and came across this thread. This is way old so, and also many many people have already cleared this business up for the most part. But I'd thought I'd give my two cents anyhow, My thought is that this chord is sort of like a modal cluster type thing implying Bb lydian, (or like a Bb power chord type business with a #11, same same but different). This is in line with what most folks have been saying and the fact that kurt is playing c maj triads over this in addition to the fact that Bb triads sound good here.

  20. the download link below don't work, maybe expired... I'm looking for VIEW FROM MOSCOW intro...can anyone share the download?
    Thanks a lot


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