Wayne Shorter Quartet

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  1. jazznan

    Just saw them and I was wondering if anyone else had seen them and what they thought?

    The music sounded like a cinematic soundtrack to a science fiction movie, made by a jazz musician who loves 20th C. classical music. At times it felt like the energy of a prog rock band or Radiohead, with written parts and group improvisation with the rhythm section digging into their angular minor rock vamps. It was awesome.
    The only thing I would have liked is contrasting sections as it stayed on a high for most of the night and it felt as though they reached the pinnacle and had no where to go. Not that the view wasn't amazing, they did play around on the summit for quite some time, and just as I felt that I would run out of oxygen, it as over. The band did come out for one more lovely piece and the decent came at the perfect moment allowing me the only appropriate response, to exhale and breathe.

  2. smoke

    I saw them several years ago. I wasn't too pleased overall, although I was happy to see (and meet) such great musicians. The set was very short, only about 40 minutes. Each 'song' ran into the other and there was very little drive or energy. The melodies of the songs were only hinted and the music was extremely disjointed. I just didn't hear a lot in the entire show that made me gasp at the beauty.

    Seems like Wayne played soprano the entire time. I love Brian Blade but he didn't set me on fire - kind of just rumbled around mostly. Danilo was probably the most interesting but I have heard him play with his own band and he is insane.

    So, glad I went but didn't change my world. Even with the passage of time, I haven't changed my opinion much. I'd go see them again just because I love each one of them individualy.

  3. jazznan

    I read a review of one of his shows that ended with this paragraph. And I guess depending on your mood, you can give different answers to the questions. I was "in the mood" and he although I felt a little bruised and stretched from the journey, it was worth the view

    "What to make of this abstract music? Is it chamber-jazz? Is it avant-garde? It is difficult listening to be sure, but also imbued with streams of luminous melodies from Shorter’s horns that satisfy and delight. There is a definite sonic architecture involved, at times breathtakingly beautiful, at times mercurial and unpredictable. It’s all part of an inspired an unspoken vocabulary that Shorter and his crew have honed together over a dozen years. And it takes a different path every night."

  4. jorgemg1984

    I saw them some years ago. Simply mind-blowing, an incredible experience.

  5. contremisart

    There is an interview with Wayne Shorter where they ask him about his music. He answers 'What if someone comes to your door and tells you to play something new?'

    I saw them this year. It was quite fresh, and unpredictable to my ears. At times I too felt it was overwhelming, but that is just how intense they are. And man Brian Blade.. that guy is a whole show himself.

  6. jazznan

    Brian Blade is awesome, period.

  7. aramaya

    that group, in my opinion, is perhaps the highest level of group improvisation that has existed to this point.
    I dream of having a rhythm section that can play that dynamically. Brian Blade makes that band happen, simply by not
    locking down the grid. this opens up the rhythmic possibilities for everyone else, and the music is allowed to breath more like a modern chamber piece. Wayne doesn't play in the old frame of linearity, but rather acts as punctuation and rhythmic/energetic development. This group is fucking brilliant (in my humble opinion!).


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