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Welcome to the Kurt Rosenwinkel forum

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  1. wommusic
    Key Master

    Welcome to the new Kurt Rosenwinkel Forum!

    As many of you will remember, Kurt's old website had a very active forum until it was hacked into by some Russians, at which point we had to take it down. Still trying to figure out what their point was. Up to that point the forum was a very valuable repository for all things Kurt, guitar, music, life...and not necessarily in that order. We hope this new forum will be allowed to become that again! Unfortunately it was not possible to recover all the old posts to insert them into this forum, but I guess that just means we get a fresh start.

    You need to register in order to be able to post here. Whenever you do write a new post, it will appear on top of the newsfeed on the front page of the "main" site. So when you enter the site you will immediately be able to scroll down to see if there are any interesting new posts, instead of having to go to the forum first.

    I do want to mention that this site has been created from the ground up in less than 3 months by our great friend Nuno Climaco Pinto. He has matched and exceeded every single specification and expectation that we've had for this site, and our gratitude to him is...endless! We cannot recommend him highly enough if you need a new website of your own!

    Well - knock yourself out, so to speak, and we hope to see you back here and often!

    All the best,
    Anders Chan-Tidemann
    (Kurt's manager)

  2. Sandemose

    Thanks for getting the site up. Very thankful, great to have the good old forum back again...

    Best regards,


  3. Yeah, this is definitely great news. I'm so glad to have the forum back, it has been greatly missed.
    Looking forward to many great discussions, topics, tips, etc.


  4. kurtisrosenwinkel

    welcome everyone! i am very happy to have our forum back, finally, and look forward to many interesting discussions and discoveries.
    all the very best,

  5. jbroad

    cool! welcome back my peeps.


  6. Krish


    lookin forward to the discussions to come.

  7. cruxtable


  8. Gia5

    so glad the forum (and the new site) is back!!
    Cheers to all. :)


  9. lollygirl

    Love the new site and looking forward to the album release.

  10. Brendan


  11. Hello Again!!!
    Best regards from Spain

  12. Alvin

    Hey, guys!

    Great to be back! One of the best guitar-jazz-music-forums out there (or "in here"?).
    I've been checking out his music for years now but I've never seen him live. So finally I get a chance, since the twisted roads of life have brought me in Berlin too :)

    Anyways, looking forward to some good old forum-conversations...

    All the best

  13. Sandemose

    Hey! Fancy avatars/pictures we got now! They look really arty and nice....Is this because Anders is the only one, beutiful enough to have his face as a avatar? :)

    Anders? ;)


  14. wommusic
    Key Master

    hahaha - well, you've seen the photo Sandemose, so you know better than that. I used a service called Gravatar to get my image up there - Nuno, our website programmer suggested this to's the link:

  15. Sandemose

    I like my avatar. It looks just like me anyway :) Thanks!

  16. Nuno
    Key Master

    LOL, in case you change you mind go to It's simple and easy and it works for other websites to :)

  17. CoolioCam

    Very nice aesthetic to this site. I was never a member of the forum before, but I listen to enough of Kurt's music and I feel this could become a valuable resource once enough members join. Can't wait for the new album.

  18. hello everybody from belgium europe

  19. hitdoggie

    I am really glad this forum is back and running. I was a 16 year old kid in high school who walked in on my guitar teacher listening to "The Next Step" and my mind was blown from then on. This forum was a major catalyst for inspiration in the days where I wanted to enter music school.

    From an aesthetic standpoint the site looks great!

  20. carlescountry

    Hello everybody from Barcelona, Spain

  21. arewolfe

    Glad this thing is back and running anew. ...the Russian hackers was a joke, right?

  22. spam is floating in forum re: jobs.

  23. wommusic
    Key Master

    Where do you see that Floatingbridge?

  24. JorgeRubiales

    Don't see that neither

  25. i saw it when i was posting last night midnightish EST, maybe poster or admin dealt... i posted here in the hopes that it would alert you or another admin, thats all. it was a post with a bunch of IT type jobs in gaming industry etc for japan,india australia. i can not say anything in the future ( i guess people need to work ) it just seemed really un -music/guitar/art/jazz/education/kurt related.

  26. Sandemose

    Hey, I smell russian hackers! *yikes*

  27. Nuno
    Key Master

    Floatingbridge, thank you for the heads-up! i deleted the post! The counter measures we are using right now against all kinds of spam are very effective, and they work about 99,9% of the time; but now and then one or another passes along and they have to be erased manually.! I guess that's not a bad average for a forum as active as this :)

  28. JorgeRubiales

    Yeah, nice clean forum

  29. the sales/ spam peeps are back, dudezz! as of an hour ago .
    something re: a fitness dvd and another thing about some fast or something ( a "member" named water)...

  30. JorgeRubiales

    Yup, spammers again! "a Fitness Workout DVD" and "Home Fitness Videos"

    Maybe it's Kurt himself telling us to spend more time away from the computer? lolll


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