What are some of your favorite Kurt moments?

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  1. Krish

    ill start with one.

    the line he plays on "Chords" at about 4:06 in..

    it just sings so much...

    and god damn.. the intensity he brings around 4:40 in.....

    just brilliant stuff.

  2. Youtube Milestones at A-trane

    Kurt, Revis, and Jeff Ballard at SJU Festival: Conception.

    Magical rainbow ponies
  3. Sandemose

    Live at Fasching 2005 in Stockholm. I fell in love with my girlfriend that year. Kurt brought, Aaron Goldberg, Larry Grenadier, Joshua Redman, and Ali Jackson. It was the Deep Song tour. I found my self screaming into the thin air. Sometimes without reason.

    On recordings, I agree with that SJU Festival, but for me, its that tune that starts out with Phrygian chords over a pedaltone (whats its name, anyone?). On the Remedy its the solo on Chords and Aaron Goldbergs piano solo on "Flute" (when he suddenly hits the breaks and Joe Martin slams a low not alone, and Aaron immediately picks it up aagain). Another one is the NPR show, "I need to know", which in my opinion is a better take and the one on the Remedy. That solo when Kurt start with a sick pickup phrase in the beginning and only builds from there. I also love the solo on Zhivago and Skylarke from "East coast love affair". Those chords are crazy beutiful.

    Best, Sandemose

  4. Aaron Goldberg's piano solo on "A Life Unfolds" from the Remedy. Around 10:45 to 11:35...good god. He builds and builds and builds this tension and then Eric Harland is right there with him for the release! That is what jazz is all about. I get goosebumps from that every single time.

  5. wommusic
    Key Master

    How about the piano intro chords on Brooklyn Sometimes (Deep Song)?

  6. jbroad

    the bass line at the end of "blue line" is f*cking sick. i wish i had written that! :)

    the intro to "zhivago" (and the whole tune/performance for that matter)

    "writer blocks" is very unique. the only version i have is a live cut from europe and it's killin'

    kurt's solo on seamus blake's tune "vanguard blues 1" is really unique too. it's on seamus' cd called "the call". actually, that whole cd is really slamming

    kurt's band did a new tune at the village vanguard back in january. it's actually on the vanguard sets that you can download on the npr site (2nd set, 2nd song). the main part of the tune is in 7/8. it's a really beautiful tune and i hope it gets recorded

  7. i second the piano intro chords on brooklyn sometimes, love those shifting textures and tonal centers within smooth voice leading

  8. andyjazz

    His solo on a track called "Control" on the new Roman Ott cd is, to my ears, a great example of Kurt's playing at the moment! Other solos like the one on 26-2 from "Everything Will Be Alright" and the one on Skylark from "I Wish I Knew" strike me as benchmarks of Kurt's playing during different phases of his development.

  9. c0ltrane

    All the way to Rajasthan from Heartcore. At the end of the song he plays this motif that ends in the meanest "growl" that makes me cringe every time (in a good way).

    "Cheryl" in NY 1-19-08 - Kurt played a few songs with Aaron Goldberg who was headlining @ the jazz standard. Kurts solo (and the dynamics behind him) took the audience to another dimension into the future and then right back down to the blues out of nowhere. Definitely the sickest blues I've ever heard, and maybe some of the sickest shit I've heard Kurt do. I have this recorded :)

  10. for jbroad - the tune from the Vanguard set is here, with the added treat of vocals:

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  11. jbroad

    ahh... thanks Irich. that's the one

  12. denjz

    One more vote for piano intro to "Brooklyn Sometimes"!
    There's another great thing about this intro: the same chord voicing ( C,E,F and A ) in the 1st bar sounds like D minor,but in the 7th bar it sounds like C major...

  13. rovano

    i like use of of light a lot, also heartcore opening track + barney mcalls solo on Our Secret World and last but not least, the Remedy's View from Moscow is a real killer :p

  14. 111

    Kurt Rosenwinkel with Grażyna Auguścik performing Polish Song (minus the cellphone ringing)-haunting....

  15. Lasse S

    Wanna quote mr. Frisell for this question: "“There’s this kind of fluidity and architecture in the lines that he plays that I don’t think I’ve heard anybody else do. There’s a mystery in it to me" .. This architecture, fluidity and mystery in Kurt's playing, are what make every line of his so important to me - and that is what makes all of them to my favorite moments in their own special way, whether it's from View from Moscow to Deep Song ..


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