What effect is Kurt using here?

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  1. Basile865

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    Possibly an electroharmonic freeze pedal? I notice in some spots he also changes the pitch of the frozen chord like a half step or so. Interesting stuff. Any ideas? Thanks

  2. add4

    Electro harmonix Hog with expression pedal

  3. Basile865

    Electro Harmonix*** not electroharmonic haha. It was late when I posted sorry. Anyhow, the Hog allows you to hit a chord and hold it like that? Plus the following chord isnt audible until he's strummed all the way through it, so its muting the guitar in a way until he's ready. I'm not saying its not the Hog, I just wasn't aware it also did that on top of the harmonies it makes with the strings.

  4. Basile865

    I watched some vids of the hog on youtube and you're absolutely right. Crazy! Thanks add4



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