what is a good busking power supply?

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  1. patfarlow

    I will be playing at the farmers markets here in Santa Barbara this summer and need a power supply for a small vox Da-10 and a Jamman loop station to lay down some backup layers. I was thinking about using a car battery somehow but dont really know...

    Would anyone happen to know a reasonable way to do this?
    Thanks alot it is much appreciated

    this looks promising solar hook up too

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  2. TruthHertz

    car battery=12 volts. Da-10=9 volts. Jamman=9volts. Think of a great dane looking to mate with a bunny. You just don't want to go there. You can make a voltage conversion curcuit:
    and make sure you run the two devices in series, it will take more current but if you want to use the car battery then that's not such a problem, plenty of current in there.
    You could also build a C or D cell battery pack for each device since they have DC inputs, and make sure your input plug adapter is the right one, and you'll get more life than the A cells the amp are wired for.

  3. patfarlow

    i dont understand that diagram at all, you seem to to know way more about this than i do.
    So would that that Xantrex power pack be ok if i wanted to use a Blues junior?

    thank you for your help truthhertz

  4. wilmore

    patfarlow, you live in SB? that's where i live. my name is ben wilmore, do we know each other?

  5. TruthHertz

    Hey Patfarlow, that'll do you just fine! It also gives you the flexibility to use an AC (wall plug) amp.
    Good luck with that, spread the joy!

  6. patfarlow

    thanks truth hertz i'll try it out!

    wilmore i just moved here so i dont really know anyone yet..

    do you gig around here? id like to see some jazz

  7. wilmore

    welcome to town patfarlow! i'll be playing at stella mare's, down by the bird refuge, this weds 8:30-10pm.

  8. patfarlow

    cool i'll try to make it down there


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