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What is it about Kurt's music that attracts you?

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  1. monk

    Kurt's lines are just so fluid. His whole solo has this logical fluidity and I really enjoy it.

  2. Colonel Trane

    This is sort of a hard question. What is it about any music? I guess with Kurt it starts with his compositions for me. Solos seem to just be a commentary almost, the composition raises a sort of question and everyone takes some time to respond but not in a forced way. I don't really know how to answer something like this.

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  3. eSkills

    For me it's how he creates this world that kinda sorrounds you, through stuff like his compositions, sound (both the him alone, and the group, quintet especially), and architecture in his lines. I like what I think are original ways of navigating through changes/scales and how his playing at the very best is very honest. Also he has a pretty expressionistic style, that I often lack in many guitarists. For me he really reminds me of a saxophone player, an instrument that I always thought I really liked better then the guitar, (eventough being a guitarist myself), but then I heard Kurt and had a change of mind. Sorry for the unseemingly amount of comma's, I just don't have the time to edit this reply properly :P

  4. Sandemose

    Colonel Trane: that was a beutiful description of music in general.

    "I guess with Kurt it starts with his compositions for me. Solos seem to just be a commentary almost, the composition raises a sort of question and everyone takes some time to respond but not in a forced way. I don't really know how to answer something like this."

    For me its also mainly about Kurts music. There are alot of cats that are brutal, but when it comes to writing own tunes/music, there are no shortcuts, nothing to hide behind. Your chops wont help you much. I also think that the progression of jazz lays parallell with the progression of compositional advancement, how the music/songs are written. Like the modal era with Miles or something. Now and for some years its obvious that the harmonic structure is the main thing. As you said Colonel Trane, the tune can be seen as a question and the improvisation a comment of some sort. But the development of improvising is forced to find new ways to comment the new, challanging questions. And there is nothing harder than to come up with new question, and far from easy to answer them. Some ancient greek (Plato?) said that if you ask a question in a very precise and rational way, even a slave (?) would be able to answer it.

    For me its all about the Next Step record. Those tunes sound like nothing Ive ever heard before, his tonal languague so familiar (since Im a human, and we share something incommon becuase of that?) and at the same time so very unfamiliar. There is this ancient vibe in his sound and playing, and this praying quality that is so expressive (eSkills). To be a part of that prayer as a listener/watcher is a privilegie Im endlessly thankful being introduced to.

    best, Sandemose

  5. monk

    Nicely put colonel Trane, his compositions are pure class. And I think that it's the compositions that really set apart different artists.

    eskills - what dya mean by expressionistic style? I do agree with the atmospheric part. It's like when youlisten to bands like radiohead, smashingpumpkins, there's this atmosphere that you're drawn into and surrounds you

    I also really enjoying visually watching Kurt playing .. it's just pure heaven. Himself and the guitar and the sound is just one entity together which Im drawn to.

    Wow Sandemose, I think you can write linear notes for Kurt in the future

  6. jazznan

    I agree, compositions is the main thing.

    Here's my list of best original composition writers, TOP 5 for now, (minus Kurt, since that's a no brainer), of the non-jazz legend/great variety, and who continue to put out new and fresh sounding albums and who make you go WOW!!!! (obviously, I'll miss some and forget others-love to hear yours):

    Brad Mehldau
    Wolfgang Muthspiel
    Aaron Parks
    Darek Oles
    John Abercrombie

  7. eSkills

    Monk: I don't know if expressionistic is the right word in english, it kinda is in norwegian so.. hehe. It's hard to describe, but I think it's stuff like how he can kinda take off in his solos, for instance Chords. He has a lot of rock background, and if you look at a rock guitarist like Jimi Hendrix, thats kinda what I mean with expressionistic. There really is a lot of emotion, also when playing ballads and not so loud, obviously in a little different way. I mean, a lot of jazz guitarist end up playing very nice, soft and beautiful lines, i.e. Mick Goodrick (which I love too). For me Kurt kinda goes a little bit away from that, especially when playing his own compositions. He reminds me as said a lot of a sax player, because of the way he deals with texture when improvising/composing, I mean just playing these lines that are not melodic in a traditional sense, it's more like he is a kinda abstract painter, just putting some different colors up on a canvas, without them obviously leading somewhere. (Very similar to what Holdsworth does, which Kurt has stated as an influence). IMO he can do this because of his compositions, which require something different of the musicians then most standard tunes etc. At least the way they play them. Because it feels more like it for me that when Kurt's quintet is playing, (especially on studio albums), it's like they are just filling out the remainder of the pieces the way they feel desirable.

  8. He always has good new and strong melodies, he really can conect with the Cosmos energy and bring to us the deeply and emocionally that beauty without the Ego influence or at least with very few ego influence on his solos and music. Of course i love his timing and his sound as well.

    Cheers and Namaste

  9. Full package, he can comp out of this world, lines only he can deliver, he can play bop, modern, bluesy...plus his sound is just incredible.. and last but not least his compositions are truely inspire

  10. Pascau

    I agree with Sandemose on the compositions. But overall his music just has a great energy that really draws you in. I think he also appeals a bit to my rock roots haha. Some of his tunes, like here

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    These are some other groups I'm listening to a lot currently, as well as Kurt, that I think share that sort of energy.

    Brad Mehldau
    Chris Morrissey Quartet
    Avishai Cohen Trio (bassist)

  11. arewolfe

    This is an old thread, but I found a video yesterday that really captured the "feeling" for me. I don't find this often in jazz (Kreisberg and Julian Lage can blow my mind all day, but they don't often connect me to that "otherworldly" sense that I get from stuff like Aaron Parks and KR). The singing quality in the melodies is what really does it for me, I think. (My ears really love fluctuating major and minor moments, too).

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    I just happened to google Avishai Cohen the other day, thinking that since "I don't know who this guy is it would probably be worth looking into." The result has been some mind blowing stuff. This entire concert is pretty killer. I like his song "Smash" a lot also.


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