What is Kurt doing here? (blues content)

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  1. fakejake

    Like gesture I have been coming back to practicing the blues lately, and I’m particularly interested in what harmonic modifications one can do to add a little more ‘volume’ and ‘density’ to the changes, especially when playing unaccompanied or just with bass or in a trio.
    In the clips below Kurt is demonstrating some awesome unaccompanied playing and I’d be really interested in what’s going on harmonically.
    I assume that he uses a lot of approach chords like diminished, secondary dominants and triton subs. While I’ve been using that concept to some success for Standards, I have a hard time doing the same thing with the blues, as in most cases the secondary dominants are identical to the preceeding chord anyway (I hope you get what I mean...) Any suggestions regarding specific extentions of voicings to use, or other substitution devices? I’m especially referring to Kurt’s playing in the second clip.

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  2. madsrh

    Fakejake -> This is amazing. If you've transcribed anything from these clips, please share it. I would also like to know what he's doing


  3. mrzzajjazz

    I started to transcribe the solo version of "Sandu" some years ago (second clip), but being really busy the past 2 years, I just did'nt finish it. Maybe I'll pick it up again (if I can find it) and then I'll let you guys know!


  4. Chris

    Hey madsrh

    Good to see your alive! Whats the deal with your blog? I loved when it was up and running

  5. fakejake

    Hey mrzzajjazz,
    Sounds great! If you find the transcription maybe upload it somewhere and post a link, so others can pick up on the work!

    Apart from that, I know that there are some pretty advanced players on this forum, maybe you guys could share some of your favorite subs in the context of blues!

  6. mrzzajjazz

    I found it!
    I actually had transcribed about half of it. Just send me your email, and I´ll share it with you. MadsRH- I also wonder what happened to your blog!

  7. fakejake

  8. drainard

  9. jseaberry

    Howdy Daniel, how are you? I check your site regularly, and thank you again for that marvelous book on Motivic Development. Outstanding.


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