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  1. nanjolee

  2. Chris

    Hey Nanjo,

    Any word from kurt.. I'm dieing to see that MI clinic. We all could benefit greatly from it.

    All the best!

  3. nanjolee

    No... he didnt response the post, I guess I will put up soon, if he does not like it, Then I will take it off

  4. ha! why is the default when there is no response to the question to post the video? why ask permission in the first place if you are just going to do it anyways?

  5. Chris

    Thank you so much Nanjolee.

    I appreciate your thoughtfulness, and I think putting it up would make a lot of people extremely happy. Including me.


  6. 111

    Thanks for posting this. I think the name of this is "why aren't you practicing?" :) seriously some casually sick playing...with a mini techno drama thrown in for a reality check: bring an extra cable if you are gonna jam with Kurt. With all due respect shit happens...the lesson there was fix it and then rip like no time lost. Inspiring to listen to Kurt float thru those changes, good opportunity to pick up some cool comping ideas. This stuff is priceless.

  7. patfarlow

    post it please?

  8. nanjolee

    its called why aren't you practicing? hum.... i dont know could you find a link that I can listen to it?

  9. jazzny

    No love for Eddy? None of you guys know him? Sheesh..... He ain't some random dude jamming with Kurt.

  10. 111

    Meant it as "me" ...i should be practicing. I was watching it and just thinking of being in that situation sharing a moment with Kurt and the group of peple there, when it's my time to solo and my cable or whatever dies, it gets fixed, and i burn on a solo like he did? It didn't even phase him, he tore it up and we got a chance to hear Kurt play over some changes for little while by himself. Nope, there's mucho respect all around, and it's clear Kurt was showing respect. That is a deep lesson there, especially the people jumping into help. Sorry if I made it sound the other way around. Nothing but love and admiration, jazzny.

  11. jazzny

    hahah no worries, i was just bustin chops.

  12. 111

    Sweet! What's Eddy's last name? I'd like to know more about him?

  13. Poparad

    Eddy Palermo. I don't know much about him other than he's a burning player and has a few albums out.

  14. egav

    Eddy specializes more on latin and brazilian stuff. He has one of the sickest double time feels I've heard from someone. He can play chorus after chorus staying in double time and keep playing new ideas. He's a great player.

  15. thedwork

    hey nanjolee. not sure about the others here, but i don't hear a head in this clip. i think they're just blowing.

    however, Kurt seems to play a pretty clear quote from "I'm beginning to see the light" at 3:48 - 3:51. maybe that's what you're trying to pick out? cheers...

  16. Chris

    So yeahh..

    I'd love to see that Musicians Institute Clinic Nanjo.



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